The Power Of Old Spice

So, remember when I told you that I was helping my husband clear out his elderly parents’ house to put up for sale? It was a lot of work looking through all the stuff they had. Sifting through things was quite an experience I tell you. We found a lot of interesting items, but our favourite gem had to be this one:


Check out the vintage Old Spice Ship’s Wheel Decanter! Bet that Old Spice Guy would be jealous of this baby! And you know what? IT STILL SMELLS GOOD. And I bet this is probably from the 80s, maybe even the 70s. I’m going to tweet this post to Old Spice and see if they can tell me.

Now, THAT’s the power of Old Spice!

  • Love it, let us know what they say!

  • Here's the answer I got back:A man of great smell obtained that cologne from a tribe of colossal squid, sometime between 1974-84.HAHAHAHA!

  • Sue

    LOL omg that's so antique road show !!! wow, 1974 huh? that's older than I am, not by much mind you lol it's super cute though

  • OMG, antique Old Spice! I kind of want one for no good reason! lolHere's a touching piece on an inheritor of his parents' hoard that I want to share with you: (kind of a long read but you might relate to parts of it)

  • @Liz: THANKS so much for that! I loved reading it. My mother-in-law was getting close to being like that-the basement was just FULL of stuff. Luckily, the top floor wasn't so bad, but some rooms were getting full up there too. She just couldn't let go of things. My hubby said, they'd throw things out, and she'd go fish those things out of the garbage. I'm so glad it's over. The new owners are moving in today.

  • Glad you did! My parents have a basement and garage bursting with unused stuff, too. I wouldn't quite call it hoarding yet but the signs are there. Maybe that's why I'm so wary of hoarding things for myself, yet the impulse is so hard to control sometimes (most of the time).

  • @Liz: I hope your parents realize before it's too late. If I learned anything from this experience, it's to clean up and get rid of things I'm not using in my own house. I don't want to do that to my daughter someday-have her clean up all the crap.