The Hunt for the Treasure called Lancome Erika F.

Warning: This post is heavily laden with pictures!

Have you heard of the cult favourite eyeshadow by Lancome called Erika F? I hadn’t, until I saw Jen from My Funny Valentine use it in her FOTD post. It’s an eyeshadow that beauty addicts pine over, but it’s apparently only available in Europe and Asia, and even then, it’s hard to find in stock because of it’s popularity.

Lancome Erika F. in the sunlight

I thought, what the heck-maybe it’s here in Canada. We’re kind of European-we’re part of the Commonwealth!  Maybe this infamous eyeshadow was hiding here. So off I went on a Beauty Treasure Hunt!

I stopped at my favourite Shopper’s Drug Mart which stocks Lancome. I know the ladies that work there very well since I’m at the store a lot.  I asked the SA if she’d heard of Erika F. Nope. Off we went to the display to check for it.

Erika F. is an Ombre Absolue Eyeshadow. Here they are sold as Duos, but they are discontinuing them! Now I’m not sure if Lancome is discontinuing them or if Shopper’s is, but my heart sank a bit when she told me that. The colours are not listed on the Lancome Duos which is a bit weird-the duos have a general name. She started taking the testers out because they had the names of the eyeshadows on the back of them. When she got to the Duo called Platinum Vert and turned over the colour on the right side of the palette, it said: ERIKA F.

YES! I found it! I couldn’t believe it! But there was none left! I asked if I could have the tester-it looked like it had never been touched by human hands. She couldn’t do it right away, because the manager(who is an awesome lady and is the main reason I love going to this Shopper’s) wasn’t there, so off I went to another Shopper’s Drug Mart by my house. Here in Canada, there’s a Shopper’s Drug Mart  practically on every corner you pass. The SAs at this store are really nice too, and the one that helped me had some awesome nails!


Lancome Erika F. is an innocent looking eyeshadow, something you’ve probably passed by many times like myself and thought nothing of it. But this is the most unique and complex chameleon of an eyeshadow I have ever used.

With Flash


Lancome Erika F. is hard to describe. It’s a greyish, taupey, dirty khaki green with silver and gold glitter that catch the light and can make the shadow appear almost wet. Lancome Erika F. is one of those eye shadows that changes colour depending on your skin tone, your eye colour, and of course, what base you put underneath it. When you blend it out into the crease, it changes colour too-becomes darker so you really don’t need to add another crease colour. It’s one shadow show!

Sorry, but it was hard to just post one picture, because Lancome Erika F. looked so different depending on the lighting and the base I used!

I can see why so many people love Lancome Erika F. eyeshadow. It’s very different. It gives a very unique look depending on who wears it and how they wear it. Lancome Erika F. would make a great smokey eye if you pair it with a darker base like Benefit Skinny Jeans-it would give some great sparkle and depth to a smokey eye.

Some Shopper’s still have these duos, so if you’re interested in seeing what Lancome Erika F. is like for yourself, then I’d go check it out soon, before it disappears.

Even though I found the treasure called Erika F., later that evening I scored another treasure:

The manager from the first Shopper’s I visited removed the discontinued display, disinfected it and gave it to me!!!! She said they were going to throw it in the garbage anyways. How awesome is that?

  • AAAAHHH. How much was it? It's pretty! Thanks for the swatches.

  • Your SDM SA's sound so lovely! I mean, I don't think any of the SA's here in Vancouver would give away a display, you lucky butt!

  • Oh you're so lucky! I'm a new SA in Macy's (it's my first job!) and i hope to make some friends as nice as you

  • What a score, that color looks really pretty & I would imagine it would be like 5 eyeshadows in one! How nice of them to give it to you, I love my regular Shoppers ladies too 🙂

  • You are one dedicated beauty hunter, woman. Wow! Now I'm going to wander around the city eyeing all the display cases! lol It's a gorgeous colour and looks lovely on you.

  • Oh, and I was pretty disgusted with my Shoppers SAs who didn't even know what Clarisonic was. I want nice knowledgeable ones like yours. *pout*

  • @Arianne: 🙂 It was $35 I think.@ Ashley: Hahaha I know!!@Kaelin: I'd be friends with you!! I'm a blast when I shop for makeup! :)@Tracy D: Thanks!! They are the best!@Liz: Haha thanks! You can come shop at mine anytime!!

  • I just did some searching and I have found Erika F here in the states several places online. I wonder if it's the same color?

  • @tahillia: I bet it is the same! I've heard it was in a quad too.