Sephora I.T. Flat Powder Brush


I found the perfect powder brush. This brush has saved me time in the morning. How? Well, it’s a brush that can do many more things than just apply powder!

The Sephora I.T. Flat Powder Brush is unique. I.T. stands for intelligent design and that’s an understatement in my opinion. The stem is made from aluminum that feels great in your hand. The stem is cone shaped, which allows you to easily grip it closer to the brush head for more coverage, or at the end which gives a lighter touch. Either way, the aluminum gives it balance to allow this.

The best part about the Sephora I.T. Flat Powder Brush is the brush head itself. It’s made of natural goat hair and is really soft! The shape is rather unique and it’s why I love the Sephora I.T. Flat Powder Brush so much.

The top of the Sephora I.T. Flat Powder Brush is well, flat! This means you can use the flat tip part to apply highlighter, use it to contour with, and even apply blush. All that in addition to being a powder brush makes this one of the most versatile brushes ever. Before the Sephora I.T. Flat Powder Brush, I used a powder brush, a contour brush, a blush brush and a small brush to highlight with. I now only use the Sephora I.T. Flat Powder Brush-that’s it. It’s marvelous! Less brushes to wash makes me a happy Blush Fiend!

The Sephora I.T. Flat Powder Brush makes me a happy camper in the morning. Now, if only it could make me breakfast too…

You can get the Sephora I.T. Flat Powder Brush at, you know it-Sephora!

Disclosure: This product was sent for consideration only.