FairyDrops Scandal Queen Mascara


My daughter Marky has problems with mascaras irritating her eyes. Most drugstore mascaras smudge, flake and cause a lot of redness. She’s always been interested in trying out some Asian mascaras as they are supposed to be fabulous, so when FairyDrops Scandal Queen became available here she was super excited!

FairyDrops Scandal Queen Mascara was created by Japanese TV Personality  Aya Yasuda, and is supposed to give you long, lush doll-like lashes. It contains squalene, jojoba oil, panthenol, hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, which is a lot of moisturizing and conditioning agents for a mascara. FairyDrops Scandal Queen Mascara is a fiber based mascara, meaning it contains little fibers that attach to your lashes to elongate them. It is water and sweat resistant too.


The FairyDrops Scandal Queen brush is really cool with three curves in it. It’s apparently a patented design which is supposed to give length, volume and curl that lasts all day.



FairyDrops Scandal Queen Mascara is thick in consistency and you can see the little fibers on the wand.  Call me crazy, but I don’t like coming at my eye with a lot of goopy mascara on a wand, so I wiped a bit off on a tissue first. It goes on very nicely and smoothly without a  lot of clumps and is easily buildable, although you can get some lashes sticking together because of the thick formula.
The trick to using FairyDrops Scandal Queen Mascara is to twist the wand as you apply so that you get the curling effect. It does a great job of lengthening and curling as you can see. I wish it was a bit darker of a black as I like mascaras to be really black. It’s not bad at building volume, but again I wish it gave just a bit more of it.
FairyDrops Scandal Queen Mascara lasts all day. I had a tiny bit of flaking, but nothing major. My problem with fiber mascaras including this one is that I find the fibers fall in my eye occasionally throughout the day which bothers me. My daughter has no problems with that.

FairyDrops Scandal Queen Mascara comes off easily with just warm water which is great. Even though I love CoverGirl LashBlast, it can be a pain in the arse to get off.

Would I recommend FairyDrops Scandal Queen Mascara? If you love fiber mascaras, have trouble holding a curl, have smudging problems, and like taking off your mascara with just warm water, then sure. It’s a bit pricey for me, but I’m more of a drugstore mascara kind of girl, although there are a few higher end mascaras that I do like.

Do you use high-end department store mascaras? What’s your favourite?

  • A nice product -and- a cute package is always win/win. I used to have some kind of mascara from Clinique, but I can't remember the type. I do know that I didn't care much for it. My favorite so far (in my box that includes Rimmel, Covergirl, Elf, Almay, etc) is a little mascara that came in a Color Workshop gift set I got for Christmas. I like definition so I don't end up walking around with flakey tarantula eyes.

  • thu

    This review got me interested in this mascara! Did you purchase it online, or was in store?

  • @Love B: I have the same problem. Because my lashes are of decent length, lot of mascaras can make them look spidery. This one wasn't too bad that way, but I like more volume.@thu: We got it in store-you know the mascara end displays? That's where we found it.

  • Not a fan of fiber mascara. As for high-end I like Dior Show & mid-end Clinique High Impact. But I stick to my CG Lash Blast:)

  • @BeautyParler: Yeah, me too. Nothing really beats my CG LashBlast!

  • I would love to try FairyDrops (mega cute packaging!) but the price is KILLER. One day, I'll find it in Asia & try it then. The price is bound to be cheaper!

  • @Ashley: I bet you're right! Are you planning to go soon?

  • N

    Interesting! I'm almost done my Guerlain mascara and I always am up for trying a fiber mascara. Where did you find this one?

  • Not a fan of the fiber mascaras, being a contact lens wearer. I like Clinique's high definition mascara but overall I'm a drugstore mascara girl..I am just too frugal (cheap) to spend big money on something I have to throw out every few months 🙂

  • I really liked Imju Fiberwig so I can see myself liking this a lot, too. But the only high-end mascara I'm going to buy from now is YSL Faux Cils. I just have to get through my current L'Oreal and a stash comprised of CoverGirl, Maybelline and Too Faced first.

  • @N: At Sephora on the mascara endcap display.@Tracy D: My fave is still CG LashBlast!@Liz: I have never tried the YSL Faux Cils, but I'd love too. Might have to put that on my list!

  • Aya

    The brush is interesting!

  • The Sephoras near me don't have this product yet. I don't know whether to *argh* or to *grrr*

  • @meredith: I took a look today for you and they were out if it. 🙁 I'll keep my out for you and snag one when I see it girl! 🙂

  • I have trouble with drugstore mascaras, they really irritate my eyes. I have no problem with the mascaras at Sephora though, I try to get which ever is cheapest. I read that a lot of makeup has wheat in it. Since I'm allergic to wheat I wonder if that is why I can't wear the drugstore mascaras.

  • Could be! Have you ever thought of trying a natural one or an organic one? There are a few out there!