Bath And Body Works Hawaii Coconut

I am so tired of winter. Tired of the cold. Tired of the snow. I have no warm vacation plans on the horizon. What’s a beauty junkie to do to get rid of the Winter Dragging On & On & On Feeling? Go to Bath and Body Works and pick up the new Hawaii Coconut Signature Collection!

Bath And Body Works Hawaii Coconut Collection

I really like the smell and the taste of coconut. It’s definitely one of my favourite scents. So when I saw Bath And Body Works Hawaii Coconut Collection, I knew it would be the perfect winter pick me up scent.

Bath And Body Works Hawaii Coconut is not too strong and not too sweet-just perfect. It’s described as a blend of coconut water, sunkissed citrus and ocean musk. I totally agree with that description.

When I bought Bath And Body Works Hawaii Coconut they didn’t have a body spray out yet, but I see they do now, so I must go back and get some of that, and maybe some more shower gel. MAYBE? Who am I kidding? I’ll probably get it all again! If it’s freezing outside, I can at least have the smell of summer and dream of warm sunny days while showering, right?

  • I love anything coconut so this looks really appealing! 🙂 since it's a signature line, you can get a free one with any purchase, I have a coupon up on candailydeals.

  • @Justine: Me too-I'm a coconut freak. Cool-I need to get some more!

  • And I love coconut too…!

  • @Tracy D: This is getting scary LOL! Maybe we're long lost sisters-in beauty! 🙂

  • Your description of this scent is super appealing. I didn't stop to sniff these, so B&BW, here I come! Right now I'm using the old Sephora coconut body butter whenever I want to pretend that I'm somewhere hot and tropical. 😀

  • @Beauty Reductionista: This is the only new scent that I liked-the rest are fruity and I don't care for fruity scents much. I'm almost finished the shower gel so I need to get some more!