My Five Face The World Products

My life will be getting significantly less complicated in the next month (at least I hope!), so I am thinking of ways to de-clutter, including my morning makeup routine. What do I really need to use so that I feel presentable/polished to the world? What five makeup products will do that for me?

Here are my Five Face The World Products:

Becca Lip & Cheek Creme, Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer, CoverGirl LashBlast, Tarte EmphasEYES Brow Pencil,
 MAC MSF Natural

 1. I NEED BLUSH, which probably doesn’t surprise you. This blush fiend can’t leave the house without blush on! Only five products means my blush will have to be a cream, so Becca Lip & Cheek Creme in Petal would be my choice. It is a great cream blush that can be used on the lips too. Stays put all day and gives a great, natural glow.

2.  A Tinted Moisturizer or a Liquid Foundation with SPF would be a must for me. I have redness issues and need a bit of coverage on my cheeks so that I can wear my beloved blushes. It’s all about the blush you know. I’ve been using the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer that I picked up this week and it’s very moisturizing. It’s been down right freezing where I live again, and this has been great. Plus, sunscreen is a must for me. SPF 15 is fine for now, but as Spring & Summer draw closer, I will need a stronger SPF than 15.

3. Mascara would be a must for me. Even though I have long lashes, I feel mascara really wakes up the eyes and makes them more open. CoverGirl LashBlast stays put on me without smudging, plus it’s cheap as borscht. I love borscht. There’s nothing like homemade borscht (beet soup) to warm the soul! if you’re going to make borscht, you need gloves though otherwise be prepared to sport red/pink hands for a week!

mmm, Borscht

4. I always define my brows no matter how little makeup I put on. I need to have my brows on. Nice brows really frame your whole face and looks polished. Tarte EmphasEYES Brow Pencil is great- it makes really small precise lines, has a twist up pencil, a brush on one end, is waterproof, and stays put all day. And if I felt like it, I could use it to line my upper lash line as well.

5. I kind of struggled with the fifth item, and finally decided on MAC MSF Natural. It gives great coverage(covers redness pretty well actually), looks great, plus has some built in SPF as well. This one is a split pan from a few years ago with a built in MSF highlighter. If you look closely, you can see that I’ve hit pan on it! I like this split pan version, and I wish they’d come out with it again. The highlighter is a bit sparkly for me, but I can make it work if I use very little. I can also use this on my eyes as a shadow/highlight.

So that’s my Five Face The World Products. What would be yours? Please share them!

  • Definitely a good foundation (I like clinique's even better right now) and a volumizing mascara.

  • @Justine: I'm really loving it! It has pretty decent coverage for a tinted moisturizer. I think I like it better than Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer!

  • hi blush fiend 🙂 thanks for your recs, i would check out the becca blush in the stores next time :)!

  • @Jennifer: Hey fave fellow blush fiend 🙂 Please check them out. Tuberose is the one I want to get next.

  • Um, let me think. I can't say exact products off the top of my head, but in terms of what types…foundation, mascara, lip-color (balm, stick, gloss, maybe all three), eyeliner and an eyeshadow are my best bets. It's difficult to say if I could limit it further because I could use the liner in my brows and the lipstick on my cheeks if I wanted. This is tough! I can't handle this on a Friday, I'll have to sleep on it, and maybe do it in a whole post or something. Love you choices though!

  • @Anij: hahaha you are too funny! Rest up from your tough week!

  • Nice choices! I like the sound of the Kiehls TM, I've used the non-tinted in the past & it was an old fave. Never seen that MAC duo, looks good though. Thanks for visiting my blog! Im following you now:-)

  • @BeautyParler: I love your Blog! Love your writing style. The Kiehl's TM is pretty pigmented-I'm really loving it right now.

  • Nice Post! Sometimes we tend to drown in products…. So I'd also like to believe I could live on 5!

  • @Sarah: Thanks! I know-I'm one of the queens of drowning right now. I'll always have more than five products, but we're cleaning out my mother-in-law's house (she's in a nursing home now) to put it up for sale and the stuff is just oh my gosh. It's making me want to get rid of so much stuff, just like one of my fave blogs

  • Ooh, thanks for the mention! This is an awesome post and hopefully soon I'll narrow things down as definitively as you have. I'm officially intrigued by the Kiehl's TM since I consider Laura Mercier's to be the best. I think one of my "Face the World Products" would be LM's Oil Free Foundation. The rest is still up in the air!

  • @BeautyReductionista: Hahaha-your Blog is just such a great idea! I've narrowed down the five things that I really need, but I still have so much stuff! I'm going to need to do something with it all, donate some, maybe blog sale, I don't know yet. Some I will keep, but to use every day probably not. And then of course, there's the issue of buying new things! Hahaha, work in progress I guess, right?I'm really loving the Kiehl's-amazing coverage. It's a bit thicker/heavier than the LM, but once on it feels like nothing. And one swoop of the stuff covers most of my redness, while with the LM I always had to go back. I'll be reviewing it completely soon.

  • I found you thru Blog link love & I'm glad I did, we not only have a name in common but have similar taste, really enjoying your blog!

  • @Tracy D: Why thanks! That's because us Tracys have great taste! 😉 Now I'm off to discover your blog!