Blush Week!! Blushes That Don’t Impress Me

Blush Week!! my beauty version of Shark Week for the blush obsessed blush fiends ends today with blushes that I don’t care for.

If there’s one thing you probably have learned about me during Blush Week!! it’s that I like my blushes pigmented. I don’t like having to pile on colour and blend and pile on some more and blend…I’m a busy blush fiend. Who has time for that?

So, I can’t stand most of MAC’s Beauty Powders(not the ones from the Venomous Villains collections though-those are great!). What the heck are Beauty Powders even for? There’s so little pigment in them-are they meant to be a highlight of some sorts? Maybe. An all over face powder? I guess. I don’t know. Granted, some are better than others-but a lot of them…suck.

Here’s one I have from The Heatherette Collection a few years ago called Alpha Girl:

It took about 6 or 7 swipes to get that swatch on my arm to show up. Now, my daughter is about the shade of my arm, about an NC 10-if they did a 5, she’d probably be that. She’s really pale. Ghost-like.  I used to be that pale too as you can see by my arm, but am now an NW15. Still pale, but not pale enough for this to show up without breaking a sweat. Marky likes using these as a blush because it’s hard to overdo it on her pale skin.

I have a love/hate relationship with MAC Mineralize Blush called Dainty.

MAC Dainty

MAC Dainty is a great colour-a yellow based pink with gold in it. It looks really nice on the cheeks-a very girly, flushed look. It’s not super pigmented either, but just enough. I like the look of MAC Dainty indoors, but under fluorescent lighting and in the sun? SPARKLES.

MAC Mineralize Blush Dainty in Sun

I tried to get the sparkles to show up-can you see them? I can. Every time I wear it, when my friend who loves it wears it, and when my daughter who loves it wears it. MAC Dainty is a bit too Cullen for me sometimes.

NARS Multiple in Orgasm-HATE it.

NARS Multiple in Orgasm

It doesn’t look like it’s so bad in the swatch picture, but it’s a shiny, metallic sparkly mess on my cheeks. Plus it doesn’t last at all. I always see NARS the Multiple in Orgasm being mentioned in magazines as a summer staple, but for who? Not this blush fiend I tell you.

Those are three blushes that just don’t impress me much.  Got any I need to be warned about? Us blush fiends need to look out for each other ya’ know! 😉

Look likes this fish got a hold of some bad blush, or he needs some help with application. 🙂 He is cute though!

That’s it for Blush Week!!!
I hope you’ve enjoyed Blush Week!! as much as I have and found it informative and helpful. I hope you found a few good blushes to try out and maybe I’ve turned some of you into fellow blush fiends.

Blushingly Yours, Tracy XO

  • I have a love hate relationship with blushes in general; I really have to be in the mood to even do blush. Since that is the case, I have one MAC Beauty Powder (the Play It Proper one from….um, Stylishly Yours collection?) and that has such a slight hint of pigment that when I don't feel like *doing* blush, I sweep that on my cheeks to help accent the pink of my actual flush (as in my skin, not my makeup). When I want to do blush makeup, I am also NW15 and pale, so I actually have medium pigmentation blushes that give me a no-fuss look and don't make me feel like a clown. It's a trade off.

  • @Aniej: I understand. My daughter loves the MAC Beauty Powders too for the exact same reasons. Aniej, you're so pretty-you could never look like a clown! Trust me. 🙂

  • I hate the NARS Orgasm stuff in every single variation and form. The colour never shows on my skin and leaves only the gold sparkles. You're the only other person who has said she doesn't like a NARS orgasm something!

  • @Beauty Reductionista: hahaha! The multiple version is even worse!

  • i'm a blush fiend too, *hi-five*! love the last pic of the fish, it's so cute!I tried NARS Orgasm multiple and didn't like it, i'd say i didn't like NARS Multiples at all (i have copacabana and am ambivalent with it)…MAC Beauty Powders are supposed to be light in pigmentation I guess :X ?? MAC mineralize blushes have more shimmer/glitter than I expected @_@ the one that has less shimmer/glitter is Utterly Game, but i cant say I love it. lol it's a complicated thing.

  • Thank you, Tracy! You're so sweet. Also, since I just read Reductionista's comment, I've gone and looked at NARS stuff so many times and I always leave without anything because it's just too darn sparkly!!! I just don't want to look ten years old–or have people think I don't know that I look TEN YEARS OLD when wearing that stuff. I could probably use the Multiple for really late night occasions…but I'm 22 going on 70 at heart, and dagnabit, I like to be in bed by midnight, so the whole product would never be justified in use. Come on Nars, grow up a bit.

  • @Jennifer *hi-five* back! The only NARS Multiple I like is Tuomota, it's a bronzer that I use as a contour. No sparkles!@Aniej: haha you sound like an old soul! I know I am- "mature" for her age was always written on my report cards growing up. But I agree about NARS-the stuff is so expensive-not sure why they feel the need to put sparkles in a lot of products. I personally don't mind a bit of sparkle on my eyelids as long as it stays put and doesn't fall all over my face!

  • Oh, jumping back into the fray to say that I do love my NARS Multiple in "Maui" which might be my fave cream blush ever. It doesn't have any shimmer or sparkle, which helps. But it doesn't serve as a multiple; just blush.

  • @Beauty Reductionista: I'll have to check Maui out! Thanks for the tip!