Sophisticated and Suave MAC Cosmo Lipstick

MAC Cosmo Amplified Cream Lipstick makes me feel like I’m one of these ladies when I wear it.

MAC Cosmo is an amplified cream lipstick and is described as a Pink Coco colour on MAC’s Website.
MAC Cosmo

 MAC Cosmo is one of those lipsticks that just goes with everything and is very neutral. It’s a very pigmented, creamy, long lasting lipstick. This is a pretty good MLBB shade for me. I feel very classy and grown up when I wear MAC Cosmo. Sophisticated. MAC Cosmo is always in my purse because I love it that much and it’s just so easy to wear.

And FYI-searching google images for a “Sophisticated Lady” pic was not as easy as I thought it would be. This is one of the images that came up:

picture by maroon5

Yup. Gotta love the internet.

What’s your Sophisticated Lipstick? Please share!

  • LOL @ the second photo. WTF???Funny I have never heard or seen this MAC lipstick before. Looks really sophisticated!My go-to "work" lipstick is Chanel Mademoiselle. It is such a sophisticated colour that it just goes with most looks, so it never leaves my purse.

  • @Arianne; I know, right? That's exactly what I said laughing!I need to get Chanel Mademoiselle-it seems to be a real fave!

  • bwahahahahaha @ that sophisticated lady shot…you truly never know what you will get. Vonnie

  • I literally just burst into laughter at the giraffe, but this is pretty. Me likey!

  • Soo

    Cosmo looks lovely on you! it looks a lot darker in the tube thoughI don't have much experience with lipsticks, but I've been liking Rimmel's Airy Fairy.

  • @Vonnie and Aniej: Hahaha-of course, I made that my Facebook profile pic!@Soo: yeah, it does look darker in the tube. I do love Rimmel Lipsticks-Nude Delight is a great colour and one of my faves-a peachy nude.