Tween Makeup Line at WalMart-Really?

WalMart is introducing a line of cosmetics called Geogirl and the target audience is 8-12 year old girls.  Apparently tweens already spend $24 million a year on lipgloss, mascara and eye shadow. Seriously?

This kind of disturbs me. As a parent myself, there is NO WAY I would have allowed my daughter at the age of 8 to have anything but Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. I’d get her some as a Christmas stocking stuffer. She only liked them for the taste/smell anyways. I can’t imagine her at that age going off to school wearing eyeshadow and mascara.

Why aren’t kids just allowed to be kids any more, especially little girls? I mean c’mon-how come there’s no cologne/after shave sets marketed towards 8-12 year old boys?

Maybe I’m not one to talk, since I have a lot of makeup and love makeup. But I don’t wear makeup all the time. I am perfectly comfortable in leaving the house without a stitch of makeup on and do it all the time.
I started wearing makeup in grade 9 and all I wore was a bit of eyeliner and mascara. I had changed from a private school run by Catholic nuns to a public school and all the girls wore the same thing. Major culture shock for me so yeah, peer pressure and being the new kid were reasons enough to make me want to look like everyone else.

I certainly didn’t encourage my daughter at a young age to start to wear makeup. In fact, it kind of bothered me when she took some ballet classes that I had to put makeup up on her to be on stage. An old man remarked at what a pretty little girl she was at the concert- it creeped me right out and was one of the reasons why I pulled her out of ballet. The other reason being that she was more interested in staring at herself in her pink Minnie Mouse Tutu than actually dancing (hilarious it was actually). She started wearing makeup in grade 8, so a year sooner than I had started to and it was just a bit of eyeliner-nothing extreme.

So, I ask you the question: What do you think of this Tween Makeup line/trend? What age did you start wearing makeup? Am I being too sensitive? Is this not a big deal?  Should I be viewing this Tween Makeup as empowering little girls like the new Barbie campaign is trying to do? Let’s talk about it!

  • Sue

    my daughter didn't start wearing makeup until she became an actual teenager at 13. even so, she doesn't wear eyeliner. she wears very neutral shades like the cover girl shimmer sands trio, mascara and some gloss, still looks pretty natural I think. when will I allow for darker colors and foundation and stuff? probably when she graduates from high school LOLas far as makeup geared towards 8-12 yr olds ?? I know in the early 90s there used to be some, very light pink shades, barely noticeable, I have to say I'd never allow my daughters to wear makeup at 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12, just seems wrong.

  • @Sue: I agree!

  • Meh. As long as their school allows it it doesn't bother me. I had makeup when I was like 9 or so. No idea how I would have applied it, but it was cool nonetheless. It was fun!

  • Soo

    times are really changing, huh? I remembering buying 'makeup' from Limited Too when I was in middle school, but I never really took it seriously and only played with it when with friends. before that, I just liked tasty smelling lip glosses. it was never a regular thing, and still isn't. although I don't agree with the targeted audience and all that, I think good parents will make the right judgment about this. it is somewhat disconcerting though :/

  • Soo

    off topic, but I like your new layout! especially the new header

  • @Soo: hahaha-thanks!