Annabelle Cosmetics Makes One Of My Favourite Eyeshadows

Annabelle Cosmetics is a great Canadian cosmetics line that can be found at drugstores. I love Annabelle-I find the makeup very hip and trendy, and it’s really great quality wise at a fantastic price point.
One of my favourite products that Annabelle has are eyeshadows that you can buy in pan form called Mono Eyeshadows and a refillable custom quad magnetic compact:

I bought these 2 palettes in the fall at London Drugs for $2.50 each. I think they were clearing them out. These Annabelle palettes are really sturdy and have some weight to them. They hold the eyeshadows magnetically. I like Annabelle’s palettes better than MAC’s actually-they’re not as flimsy. The Annabelle palettes also hold MAC pro-pan eyeshadows.

My favourite Annabelle eyeshadow is a shade called Revolver:

Annabelle Revolver Eyeshadow

Annabelle Revolver Eyeshadow

Annabelle Revolver Mono Eyeshadow is a gorgeous, shimmery lavender-grey that just feels so winter appropriate right now, especially since we just got a 40 cm dump of snow here in Edmonton! Annabelle eyeshadows are very pigmented, easily blendable and last all day with a primer. If you’ve never tried Annabelle Cosmetics, I highly suggest you do because they are fantastic!

Today I used my new MAC Paint Pot in Dangerous Cuvee from the Cham Pale Collection as a base and put Annabelle Revolver Mono Eyeshadow on top.
For some reason I’m craving grey eyeshadows right now- I can’t seem to get enough of anything grey! If you know of any really great greys, please let me know!

  • Annbelle makes really nice shadows, I bet if I put them alongside my MAC ones in my palette, I wouldn't even know the difference! 🙂

  • @Justine: I do put them all in the same palettes and I really can't tell the difference!

  • I wish I had gotten Revolver when my $1 off Annabelle coupons were still valid. It looks like a great e/s to have! I'll definitely get it during a $3.99 sale at SDM!

  • @Ashley: You must get it then! I know you will love it!Hey-be careful the next few days-I hear you'll be getting some major snow over there!

  • I really want to try Anabelle- I hope I can order it from Australia. Revolver looks amazing.My favourite greys are:-Benefit 'Skinny Jeans' creaseless cream shadow-MAC Copperplate-MAC Scene

  • @Jen W: I don't think you can unfortunately.But, if I can get you one, I could send it to you! Let me know.Those are all of my favourite greys too! You have good grey taste! 🙂