Travalo Refillable Purse Atomizer

Travalo Refillable Purse Atomizer is a must have little gadget that I found at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Travalo Refillable Purse Atomizer is a pocket sized perfume spray bottle that you can fill in seconds.

Travalo Purse Atomizer

It’s small-about 8 cm long, but it holds 50 sprays of any perfume you choose.

It’s so easy to fill too. You just take the spray top off of any perfume bottle, put your Travolo on top off the white pump stick of your bottle( it doesn’t insert into your Travolo, you just place it on top) and press down repeatedly and Voila! You have your favourite perfume with you at all times!

The Travalo Refillable Purse Atomizer would be great for travelling too. I can now take my favourite perfume with me instead of little sample ones that I’ve collected.  I’m going to get one for my hubby too, because he travels all the time for work.

I totally recommend getting the Travalo Refillable Purse Atomizer. I got mine at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

  • I just got this last week and am in LOOOOOVE with it!!! <3

  • @Maria: Me too! I bought my daughter one, now I want to get one for my hubby and another one for me!

  • wow..interesting!! how much does it cost, if u don't mind me asking??!

  • @Vanilla: I can't remember because I bought it before Christmas for stocking stuffers, but i think it was about $12.99.

  • Soo

    I want one! have you had any incidents with leakage or anything? I went through 3 different atomizers when I was in younger and thought they never really worked because of that. šŸ™ I'd love to use one again.