MAC A Tartan Tale Chapter 2- Five Smoky Thrillseeker Pigment Set

I always get a pigment set with MAC’s Holiday Collection, and this year I decided to get the  Five Smoky Thrillseeker set.

5 Smoky Thrillseeker/Glitter Set

The reason I really wanted Five Smoky Thrillseeker Pigment set was for three pigments: Blue Brown and Jugs and Jive ( a new LE colour) and Dark Soul ( this came out with Venomous Villains)

Jigs and Jive, Dark Soul

Blue Brown, Naked, Reflects Blackened Red Glitter

Jigs and Jive, Blue Brown, Dark Soul, Naked, Reflects Blackened Red

I love getting these Holiday Pigment Sets. I feel that they are a great value. Yes, the pigment vials are small, but really you get enough products to last you at least two lifetimes. It’s a great way to get into Mac pigments without breaking the bank.

Anybody else love the Holiday pigment collections too? Let me know!