Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask is Saving My Skin!

Facial Masks are something I really enjoy. There’s nothing like a good facial treatment mask to revitalize, refresh and soothe your skin.

My skin has been very sensitive lately. I am fair (as you probably noticed on my arm swatch pics!) with some redness. If something stresses out my skin, it will show by the end of the day. I am so glad that I discovered Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask.

Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask is a creamy treatment mask made with three different healing mushrooms, ginger, holy basil and turmeric that soothes signs of stress. It also has Chinese Black Bamboo extract to calm redness and hyper-reactivity. Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask has marine algae and plant extracts to give you back a bit of a glow and builds a protective barrier to help prevent andy future flare-ups with continued use.

I leave Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask on for 10 minutes and then tissue it off. Most of it absorbs right into your skin-there’s not much left to tissue off. Most of the time I just let it all sink right in. It diminishes my redness and leaves my skin hydrated without a greasy feeling. It’s best to use Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask twice a week so that you get the most benefit form it.

Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask is a great mask to try if you have an Origins counter in your city. In Alberta, you can find Origins at The Bay in Downtown Calgary.