Blush Of the Week Initiative: MAC On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush

Yup, it another Initiative.

I have a lot of blushes too. So, I’ve decided to start my Blush Of The Week Initiative in an effort to use some of my blushes I tend to forget about.

Since I’m using the MAC Heritage Rouge Pigment this week, I thought I’d pair it with MAC  On A Mission (hmm, that name is kind of ironic don’t you think?) Beauty Powder Blush.

                                      MAC On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush

MAC On a Mission Beauty Powder Blush was on of my favourites when it came out with the MAC Style Warriors Collection. It looks scary swatched on my skin, but the thing about MAC Beauty Powder blushes is that you need very little. They are sheer and light and very blendable-probably the easiest blush you’ll ever use. On A Mission is not completely matte-in the pan there’s a hint of shimmer which just comes off as a slight glow on your cheeks. It’s a beautiful sheer mauve/plum on my pale skin-a great colour for fall.

I’m really liking digging around in my makeup collection and rediscovering gems like MAC On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush.