MAC Venomous Villains

As I’ve mentioned before, my family and I are HUGE Disney Freaks. Huge. Even though we’re Canadians, we’ve held annual Disneyland passes for years because we enjoy going often. Since my daughter was 6 years old, she’s dreamed of working for Disney. So when MAC announced the Disney Venomous Villains collaboration, you can bet we were really excited.
When the collection became available online, we were ready with our order!

The two Beauty Powders are just gorgeous. They are a bit more pigmented than past beauty powders. I will definitely use these as blushes:

                           Oh So Fair                                                               Briar Rose            

Oh So Fair is a more coral pink, while Briar Rose is a lavender pink. Love them both!

Next are the eyeshadows and all are from the Malificent collection:

 Above: Mineralized eyeshadows in My Dark Magic, She Who Dares
Below:   Vainglorius(frost), Vile Violet( matte)

 Vainglorious, Vile Violet, My Dark Magic(swirled together) She who Dares(swirled together, just green)

My Dark Magic(pink & purple side, dark purple side) She Who Dares(Navy side, green side)

The one lipstick I got was Sinister, a browny plum lustre form the Evil Queen Collection:

From the Facilier Collection I give you French Quarter Grease Paint Stick, which is a blackened olive green with gold flecks:

My daughter and I are just loving everything. My daughter, who wants to be an animator, is in love with the packaging. I know a lot of people like the sketches on the boxes better, but the cartoon pics on the product containers are very old school animation cell-like looking to us and we love them.
Did you buy anything from MAC’s Venomous Villains Collection? Share with me what you bought!

  • The beauty powders and lipstick are so pretty 🙂 I should have gotten those too.

  • @sherri–I love them all!