Make Up Forever Aqua Creams #14 and #15

I just realized I never posted about my two other Make Up Forever Aqua Cream colours in #14 and #15.

#14 is a warm brown and #15 is a taupe brown. They are both shimmery.
#14 is on the left, #15 on the right
I do really like the Make Up Forever Aqua Creams-they are very highly pigmented and do last a long time. I like using mine more as a base to intensify my eyeshadow colour rather than wearing them on their own. #14 is close in colour to Antiqued by MAC and #15 is close to Satin Taupe also by MAC.
The one thing I have to mention about the Make Up Forever Aqua Creams is that they dry out REALLY fast. I don’t know if you can tell from my picture or not, but my #14 is starting to pull away from the edge of the container-like when you bake a cake. It’s starting to dry out! So make sure that you close your Make Up Forever Aqua Creams up tightly after you use them. Tightly! Or another good idea would be to take some out that you need for a week or so and put it into a little travel jar of some kind. That way you’re not opening up your original Makeup Forever Aqua Cream container every time you use it. I think this would extend the life of them tremendously.