The Bronze Goddess Series: Nars Tuomota

Nars Tuomota is a bronzer that I bought for contouring as it is matte. It is a great bronzer for light skin tones-if you are darker than NC25 I don’t think that this would work for you. The colour Cap Vert would be a better choice for you.

Nars Tuomota is not too orange and not too brown which makes it a perfect contour for me. It dries to a satiny powder finish and lasts all day for me. The colour also stays true all day and doesn’t darken.

I use my MAC 109 brush to pick up some colour straight from the stick and then blend it in. Nars Tuomota is also my bronzer of choice for travel- it’s compact, plus it bronzes and contours all at once.

  • Wow this was super helpful!I discovered this today at Sephora and thought this would be a perfect contour color (I currently use powder but want to switch to a cream).I am an NC25 and I'm glad to hear it works good for my skintone!I will definitely try this out. Thanks for the review! I will write about it in my blog too once I buy it!!

  • @ Meli: I'm so glad this helped you! That's what I love about blogging. Let me know what you think when you get it!