Santa Barbara Eau de Parfum-Leslie Blodgett Perfume Diaries

I’m really particular about fragrance. I like my perfumes to smell different, and to me a lot of the mass market scents all smell the same after awhile. Nothing is really unique. I think perfume creators take one note from a popular fragrance and just tweek it a bit and they think they’ve created something new. 

Santa Barbara Eau de Parfum by Leslie Blodgett smelled different to me. It’s a very clean and warm scent that reminds me of California-really laid back. It’s a great every day perfume.
The top notes are a subtle bit of fruit and pepper, while the middle notes are soft white flowers and the bottom notes are musky.

It’s a very breezy, summer scent and even as the scent fades it still manages to stay with you.

Perfumes are a very personal choice, but the next time you’re in Sephora ask for a sample of Santa Barbara Eau de Parfum by Leslie Blodgett and give it a try.