Get Healthy Nails with Trind! Promo Code For! #TrindNailTips

SOOOOoooo, you all know I DON’T do nails. I just don’t. I’ve tried and tried but I give up. BUT, I do care if my nails look healthy! And act healthy! And lately they haven’t been, so I’m so happy that TRIND is back in my life to help me out again!

I tried TRIND products last year, and BOY they made a difference for me! Especially, the Trind Keratin Nail Restorer. It’s a moisturizing and strengthening treatment formulated specifically for those with weak or damaged nails. It rebuilds brittle and fragile nails, and repairs damage. It contains a high concentration of the protein Keratin, and restores and strengthens the structure of the nail. It also helps to keep nails flexible, preventing chipping so the nails can continue to grow.



Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam is a new one for me. It’s the perfect moisturizer for dehydrated nails and dry cuticles. If you have peeling nails that tend to split and tear, then your fingernails need this stuff. Moisturizing Nail Balsam contains natural moisturizers (d-Panthenol, Phytantriol, and Biotin) to give your nails continuous hydration. It’s also oil-free, so you can immediately apply Trind Nail Repair or any nail polish products after. But just make sure you apply it FIRST! I’ve been applying it all the time, because I’ve set the bottle by my blogging chair hahaha! I use it every time I touch the computer and WOW. What a difference it’s made!

And, I don’t know about where you live, but summer has finally arrived up north here. It’s been SO HOT here, and most of us in Edmonton can’t handle it hahaha. We really are a northern town. I can deal with  -30C ANYDAY, but a couple of days of +30C and I don’t leave the house LOL. And if you like sandals and stuff, well I bet those nails are in sad shape my northern friend! Trind’s lineup of nail care products are the perfect way to get your nails looking their best.  From your fingers to your toes, the Trind family of products can restore your nails to the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and moisture.  We all want beautiful, strong, and healthy nails in the summer, right? RIGHT! Trind has a full suite of salon-quality nail care products to suit all of your needs, whether it’s repairing dry or damaged nails or giving you that “healthy tune up” to get your nails looking their best. Trind products work to restore the natural balance of protein and moisture, and repair any damage or weakness right down to your nail bed.  You’ll see  guaranteed results in as little as 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS PEOPLE. And I can vouch for that!



And guess what? Trind has JUST opened up a new Canadian online site,! So you can order these amazing products and heal up your nails before summer is over! And wear all those amazing nail shades you’ve been yearning for!

Trind has a special offer for you guys, where you can get 2 Caring Colors for the price of 1! 

Order at and use the promocode is CARING2FOR1! And look for the hashtag #TrindNailTips on Twitter to find chances to win a Trind Caring Color Summer Polish Wardrobe! That would be those three amazing shades in the pictures starting from the left the silver sparkle Icing On The Cake, Mighty Macaron which is a lovely peachy shade, and Luscious Lavender which is a metallic violet that’s really lovely!

Visit Trind on Twitter and their Facebook page too for more info!

I REALLY like these TRIND products a lot. If you have problems nails, then do give TRIND a try. I promise you will love them and your nails will thank you!

Mark Limited Edition Body Oils are a Menopausal Woman’s Dream Come True

Back to sort-of-normal today hahahaha? Whatever NORMAL is. But I do want to thank everyone for sharing their PR horror stories on my post because WOW. I thought my problem was bad, but in comparison it was pretty tame to what some of you all have experienced. We need to stand together as bloggers, and not get pushed around by jerky PR anymore. If we allow it to happen, it will continue. So STAND STRONG MY FRIENDS. And remember: WE MATTER AND ARE WORTH IT. WE REALLY ARE. And our job is to tell the truth ! To each other! To our readers! That’s what we started doing. And I hope I’ve inspired some of you to continue doing that. What we do as bloggers is important and NO PR can take that away from us.

Ok, back to work Tracy goes!

I want to love Body Oils, I really do! But when you are a hot and flashy-near-menopause-beauty-junkie, they’re the LAST thing I want touching my body after I shower. I really don’t need an oily oil when I’m constantly overheated to make me feel like this:

Wish I was a photoshop genius so I could put my face in there but alas, my skills are lacking

It’s not EVERY blog post you get the chance to use the Kramer Turkey pic, so today is an Internet WIN for me hahahaha!

Ok, its’ time to stop celebrating Kramer Turkey time and talk PRODUCT. The other day these beauties wound up on my doorstep! Fortuitous indeed!

Mark Limited Edition Body Oils($14)

Mark Limited Edition Body Oils.jpg

Mark Limited Edition Body Oils

And at first I thought NOPE. Like I said, most oils I can’t take, and I swear I get a hot flash from just LOOKING at a body oil these day #hotflashtirgger-except for the Caudalie Divine Oil, which I will talk about soon I promise(but these are cheaper and REALLY GOOD). After ignoring these Mark Limited Edition Body Oils, I picked one up and noticed that they were not QUITE that oily and viscous, if you get chemistry terms. Viscous, means having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid; having a high viscosity, which refers to the property of a fluid that resists the force tending to cause the fluid to flow. Think MOLASSES BABY. It has a HIGH viscosity. These Mark Limited Edition Body Oils DON’T. In fact, they pour like water.

And that would be because of the ingredients, of which the first one is isopropyl alcohol. WHAT you say? Alcohol? NO TRACY. NO WAY will I put that on my body! It’s bad for my skin!

Mark Limited Edition Body Oils.jpg

Mark Limited Edition Body Oils

PFFFT says this former chemistry lady. Many things are soluble in Isopropyl Alcohol, and it evaporates CLEAN. Nothing is left behind once it evaporates, so RELAX. As someone who uses IA when I inject my Multiple Sclerosis Meds, it does nothing to your skin. It does give you that AHHHHHHH cooling feeling as it evaporates from the skin, which as a hot and flashy lady I really LURVE.

Mark Limited Edition Body Oils are supposed to be fast absorbing and they sort of are. When the IA evaporates, the Olive Oil is the main ingredient that’s left on the skin to moisturize. But it’s not heavy or thick at all like the cooking oil. It’s thinner, but it does take a few minutes to fully absorb for sure. It’s an oil for gosh sakes-it needs a few minutes, so give it a break people! But the result is smooth, soft, luminous skin which is NICE.

The Mark Limited Edition Body Oils scents though are AWESOME. They last quite awhile on the skin and I love them! I can’t even decide what’s my fave to be honest. The Lemon Sugar smells just like the really expensive FRESH stuff and is a really good scent for summer. Marky adores the Jasmine one! If you are a jasmine-whore, you are going to want it. Plumberry is going to get loads of love from me once the weather cools, because as you know I love berry scents in the fall! And the coconut one is pretty perfect. Not too sweet, just perfect.

HECK GET THEM ALL. They are LE, so store them away and use them when you need a moisture and fragrance boost in the winter. You’ll thank me, especially if you start hot flashing. I used to RUE the day that I stopped having a period, but now? UGGH. I wish I was still getting a regular visit from Aunty Flo every month I swear. :(

Find them soon on or call that local Avon lady of yours and show her some love!

Body oils! Love ‘em? Or leave ‘em?

UGGH property taxes are due today and I HATE paying them so I wait until the last second. Seriously, if I could see thing getting better around me? I wouldn’t mind paying them! But every year they increase, and I see NO BENEFITS. How do cities manage money seriously? It’s not COOL.

Updated: Sephora Canada Changes

So, there’s been some changes at the Mothership Sephora recently.

I guess Sephora has decided to open up a Canadian warehouse in Canada which is great-I guess?!  That means orders will ship duty free and no extra Border crossing fees. The other reason they’ve decided to start the Canada-based warehouse is that they’ve changed their return policy too.


If your purchase was before June 27, 2015: Returns must be received within 60 days from the date of purchase.
If your purchase was on or after June 27, 2015: Returns must be received within 30 days from the date of purchase.

So, they have to ship stuff faster to Canadians because 2 weeks to get your order is no longer acceptable when you only have 30 days to return stuff. BOOM, new warehouse in Canada is the result.


Items purchased in store and returned within 30 days of your original purchase date along with your receipt will be refunded or exchanged at your preference. Items accompanied by a receipt but returned after 30 days will not be eligible for a refund. Instead we will gladly offer to you a product exchange or merchandise credit. Items returned without a receipt but found within our system will be processed according to the Sephora refund and exchange policy. Any products not accompanied by a receipt and not verifiable within our system will be ineligible for a refund, exchange, or store credit.

The other thing that’s changed because of this new warehouse, is that Sephora can’t stock certain items that don’t comply with Canadian packaging laws(french must be on all packages in Canada) or containing certain ingredients.
Sephora has released a list of the main brands that will no longer be available to Canadians and you can see it HERE on Smart Canucks.
Some brands are showing not available to Canada or out of stock right now, but that should change as items arrive in the Canadian warehouse they’re saying. At least I hope so! Most of Laura Mercier is not available anymore, some Bobbi Brown, like a LOT of stuff. Go take a look your jaw will drop. But I did go in-store today, and Laura Mercier DOES have French on the packaging, so the products not being online is just a hiccup is all. And that is also probably the case for some other brands too.

So,this means that you might want to hop on over to your local Sephora and stock up on some things that probably will be disappearing from the shelves soon? I don’t know man…. this has taken beauty shopping back to 1995 when we had nothing beauty wise to choose from except the usual department store brands. And since I’ve vowed to no longer buy L’OREAL(EXCEPT VICHY I WON’T GIVE UP VICHY I LIKE THEM)…. HAHAHAHAHA….they own like EVERYTHING. Which just reinforces my blog change and wanting to blog about STUFF, LIFE, not just beauty anymore.

According to my friends on Twitter, the brands sold at Shoppers Drug Marts comply, so I’m betting Sephora will now sell similar brands too. Which means, you’re better off shopping at Shoppers now because seriously the Optimum Rewards program is SO much better than anything Sephora gives us.

Anybody out there work for Sephora Canada and can tell us anything else? 
UPDATE Thanks to Liz @Reductionista

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 3.47.18 PM


UPDATED AGAIN: Liz went to another Sephora and they told her they know nothing about and nothing will change. Then someone on Instagram has told us that most things will be restocked, but again everything has to be compliant with Canadian packaging and ingredient laws. So, they expect hiccups but hopefully most will be resolved.

Again, it’ll be up to individual companies to make the packaging compliant, but it’s pretty expensive to adjust packaging according to some of my friends who have companies. As far as any ingredient that isn’t compliant-yeah, well that is something that probably won’t change.

Hopefully, things will get back to mostly normal, but it’ll take some time.

Blogging Stuff I Can’t Stand Anymore, So Things Are Gonna Change

“Drinking is an emotional thing. It joggles you out of the standardism of everyday life, out of everything being the same.” ~Charles Bukowski

Now, I don’t drink a lot. I can’t. If I could, I’d like to think I’d be like Bukowski and Kerouac-drunk 24/7 yet an amazing writer. But, I have ulcers-have had them since I was 17. It’s a familial problem, courtesy of my dad who passed on his sensitive gut to some of us. So, when I do imbibe, I like to make it count and WRITE A BLOG POST. Because apparently when I drink, WordPress(bless their sober hearts) tells me that my writing scores near 90% in the ease of understanding category(this one scores 88.4% so far). Yeah, WordPress has ALL kinds of tools like that. Helpful? Maybe. But, now I know why Sir John A. Macdonald(Canada’s 1st Prime Minister) was drunk in Canadian Parliament most days: “I get sick … not because of drink [but because] I am forced to listen to the ranting of my honourable opponent.” During the election of 1863, Sir John A. Macdonald threw up during a campaign speech and when his opponent pointed this out, Macdonald shot back with this answer. I read that to Marky and she said: he sounds like you-no word of a lie. So yeah, I sometimes feel that WordPress ENCOURAGES my wine-ranting posts…  not that I really MIND….  :P

So where am I going with this talk of booze and writing? Well, I’m not sure. But I’ll tell you this: I’M REALLY HATING BEAUTY BLOGGING. AGAIN. YUP.

When I started this blog, it was just me. And my money. And my silly little thoughts on what I bought. I’ve come a LONG way since then. I”m not the same timid Tracy that’s for sure. Like most beauty bloggers, it took some time to feel comfortable with this hobby and feel like it was OK to be myself online. Once you overcome that self-imposed obstacle, this gig does get better. And FUN. Because you finally get to be you! And some of the internet LIKES loud, snarky YOU! YAY!!

Then, PR brands start to notice you! WAHOO. That’s what we all want, right? Not to have to spend money all the time! We now have free stuff to blog about! We can blog about beauty and makeup and skincare and haircare till the freakin’ cows come home!


Well, with SOME brands. Not ALL are like that. And I don’t get it. Some brands demand NOTHING from you as a blogger. It’s like this: Take our product FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. If you like it-tell us! Whatever. It’s all cool. We like you, so, if you like us then feel free to blog about this lotion. No pressure. We just love you and your writing, wine-induced or not.

Those brands I LIKE. LOTS. What some PR don’t understand is that for most of us-including me-blogging is a HOBBY. Not a job. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: FREE MAKEUP/SKINCARE DOESN’T PAY THE BILLS YO’.

PR is getting increasingly harder to deal with. And I’m at a loss as to why. Some of my friends have had brands pitch to them, and then after the blogger has said sure-they say stuff like: We want your unedited pictures so we can use them nilly-willy. Hope that’s ok with you!

It’s NOT. 

Or I’ve had this happen: HI! We like your blog and would like you to review blah blah blah product. It’s blah blah blah cool and does this blah blah blah stuff. Interested? SURE I SAY. Oh, but then we’ll need a weekly post to update your progress, and then one final big post to show your results, OK?

NO. IT’S NOT OK. TAKE YOUR PAPERS AND PEDDLE THEM ELSEWHERE I SAY. (I may be aging myself with that saying there, because seriously, does ANYBODY actually buy a newspaper these days?)Like I have time to devote FIVE freakin’ blog posts to your one bag o’ STUPID? Nope. Not even if I was a prestige enough blogger to get-I don’t know-every freakin Guerlain and Chanel product ever made! And,I’m just pulling out brand names out of my wine glass there, because I could really care less about Guerlain and Chanel if I’m being honest…any brand for that matter. I hold no allegiance to any brand. Every one of them has hits AND MISSES. And I’m not about to sell my tortured makeup soul to get free BULL CRAP from anybody anymore.

Oh, and the LIES lately. Like this week! Perusing my Instagram feed and finding out that there was an event by…ahhh…who gives a crap…BEAUTY UNITED this week in Toronto, of which I am/WAS a member since it’s conception. And then seeing all of my friends flown in for the event and wondering, hey—-how come I didn’t get an invite? And then discovering that others didn’t get invited…even those who live 3 hours away. YET the excuse given was that only NEW Beauty United Members were invited, and those who lived in the GTA-Greater TORONTO area as well. RIGHT…. that’s what I see people from Montreal, BC, AND MY CITY EDMONTON there….

And then when I call you out Ms. PR-you say oh, can we talk over the phone? SURE. I’ll let you speak. BUT all the stammering, and stuttering…and then finally getting you to say you MISSPOKE…well, in my world that’s called LYING. BYE BYE. I don’t work with liars. Take your free Covergirl and shove it up your…. you know what. You say you value everyone equally, yet your actions speak otherwise…. LIES…..all of it. I’m so SICK of this kind of crap. SICK.

And so, three glasses of wine later has made me make THIS DECISION: I AM TAKING BACK MY BLOG.


And that means things are gonna change around here A LOT…brands like Aveeno,Vichy, Avene, Avon, Deciem…I trust and LOVE working with. They treat me like a valued writer. And I appreciate that! Here’s an example of a brand that rocks: Coppertone,to speak of a PR that I’ve recently dealt with. We had different opinions, yet were able to resolve them with no hurt feelings! And a great post on sunscreen was born because of that! I love that! Because I’m not a blogger that just takes PR material and rewrites it. I research the ingredients, try to make sure the science is all COOL before I post. I’m not a beauty drone. I have a brain and I like learning about ingredients and how products work. I’m not just some machine that spouts off HEY LOOK AT THIS SHIZZZ SO BUY IT HEY. Plus Coppertone dealt with me as a JOURNALIST… I almost died when that PR called me a journalist…ME? TRAKEE?? A JOURNALIST? And she said yes, you ARE one. THANK you so much. You made my YEAR. A PR who values bloggers….RARE.

But if you’re a brand trying to pitch me…and demand stuff….or LIE to me… GO AWAY. Go stalk some poor innocent, new blogger out there that’s DYING to try your product and bend over backwards to prove their worth five times over. I DON’T HAVE TO ANYMORE. SO F$$K off. Like YOU L’Oreal. SO DONE WITH YOU I CAN’T EVEN SAY IT LOUD ENOUGH ON HERE. I’VE TRIED AND TRIED TO PLEASE YOU BUT NO MORE, I AM DONE AND DONE.I HOPE YOU CAN TELL I’M YELLING AT YOU. BECAUSE I AM.

BEAUTY REFLECTIONS IS MINE. ALL OF IT.  If you can’t handle the truth???!! Go elsewhere. Lies are easily bought these days in the beauty blogging world. And if you are a fellow blogger? Don’t come here and comment on my post telling me your PROS about PR…Get BENT. I’ll just delete your comment…and I don’t CARE if I call you friend. Blogging for the brand is NOT blogging…that’s why we started blogging…to say what WE thought, not to please a brand. That argument won’t fly here with me. I don’t care WHO you are. Go away. I don’t need to deal with anymore CRAP this week thank YOU VERY MUCH. My life is hard enough as it is and I’m near menopause…so DON’T even try me. I’ll rip you a new one without even breaking a sweat…I PROMISE.

So, what does this mean if you’re a regular reader? Well, I don’t know right now to be honest. You’ll see more of what I buy I guess, which will become less and less because to be honest? I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore. SKINCARE is where it’s at people. Oh, and posts from brands I LIKE dealing with. It’ll probably mean less regular posts, but HEY THEY’LL BE SO WORTH IT, RIGHT? RIGHT. Stick with me folks…we’ll change the beauty blogging WORLD. Maybe… :P And in the end, I honestly don’t care anymore what anybody thinks or wants… I’ll keep plugging away at what I am doing and if you like it? YAY I LOVE YOU. You know I do.

Have any PR Horror stories to share? HERE’S THE PLACE DUDE. SHARE AWAY.

Elwood Blues: It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.
Jake Blues: Hit it!

Yup. I’m hitting it folks. FULL SPEED.


Sunscreen Week Continues with Vichy Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist SPF50

Welcome back to Sunscreen Week! Today’s the last day-kind of. I still have one or two face sunscreens I want to review, but I’m kind of sunscreened-out at the moment. :P  I promise to share them soon though!
Today I have a new sunscreen from one of my other favourite skincare brands, Vichy!

Vichy Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist SPF50 .jpg

Vichy Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist SPF50

Vichy Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist SPF50($31.95) contains the #1 filter recommended by dermatologists, Mexoryl SX. Mexoryl SX is a synthetic sunscreen agent developed and patented by L’Oreal originally. Mexoryl SX does not degrade after hours of sun exposure at the same rate as avobenzone. Although it still will breakdown after a couple of hours, which is why the photostabilizers Parsol 1789 and octocrylene are added to it. Read about why photostabilizers are needed in yesterday’s blog post HERE. Vichy’s UVA photostable filtering system gets Health Canada’s stamp of recognition. You get other skin benefits such as more luminosity, better skin quality, and fewer wrinkles and spots with Vichy Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist SPF50It’s like a bonus skincare effect, which is kinda’ nice!

Vichy Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist SPF50 helps to protect against all UV rays, is quick drying, light in texture and leaves no white cast at all. The formula has been upgraded this year and is nicely hydrating, soothing, yet has a mattifying effect. It dries to the touch within seconds, so you can get dressed toot sweet! Perfect for those rushed mornings!

Vichy Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist SPF50 jpg

Vichy Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist SPF50

Vichy Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist SPF50 is also great for sensitive skins as it’s hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and paraben free. And of course, it has Vichy Thermal Spa Water which soothes the skin.

Since there are so many spray sunscreens these days, I want to make sure you are applying them correctly and applying enough! Because again, most people don’t apply enough sunscreen and are getting half of the SPF protection out of their sunscreens. And I think sprays are deceiving in how much sunscreen you’re applying.

My tips are to first, SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE that can! Start spraying in CIRCULAR motions because that’ll make sure you don’t miss a spot. Stay on one body part at a time before moving to the next. And here’s the recommended spray time for each body part :

ARMS: 3 seconds on each
FRONT: 4 seconds
BACK: 4 seconds
LEGS: 7 seconds on each

So many sunscreens, so little time hey? :P

What do you prefer-lotion, creams, or spray sunscreens? I think personally I prefer a cream for my face and neck area, and a spray for the rest of me. You?

New Coppertone Sensitive Skin Sunscreen and Coppertone Accuspray Continuous Spray Sunscreens

Welcome to Sunscreen Week! Today is going to be a real Science of Sunscreen post thanks to the people at Coppertone! And I’m going to share some of my faves from the brand, PLUS their new Coppertone Sensitive Skin SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion! 

Coppertone Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion. .jpg

Coppertone Sunscreens


BUT FIRST! It’s time to get HARDCORE SCIENCEY TIME my friends!

A sunscreen’s ability to protect is a function of two key factors: SPF & UVA Protection, AND the formula’s  inactive ingredients that do things like make it water and sweat resistant and form the barrier film on the skin’s surface. Sunscreens form a barrier between the sun and the skin to reduce UV penetration into the skin. They literally coat you with an invisible sun protection coating.

 Avobenzone is the most efficient UVA Absorber used today. But, the molecule is really unstable, and when it’s used alone in a sunscreen, it loses nearly 50 percent of its sun-screening ability after just one hour of UV exposure. So, that’s why photostabilizers have been added to sunscreens to stabilize avobenzone.

Sunscreen brands like Coppertone stabilize the avobenzone in their formulas with other ingredients. Coppertone commercialized the first photostabilized product in 2001. Pioneers they are! Coppertone avoids using incompatible ingredients, especially octinoxate. Octinoxate, a common UVB filter that’s added to sunscreens containing avobenzone, really accelerates the breakdown of unstable avobenzone. Coppertone adds other UV sunscreen actives for their photo stabilizing benefits, and also uses non-sunscreen photostabilizers too. What’s a photostabilizer?

Photostabilizers are organic compounds that help to prevent UV filters from losing their effectiveness in sunlight. Some of them help to stabilize UV filter molecules structurally which makes them less likely to want to party and participate in chemical reactions. NO PARTIES ALLOWED IN SUNSCREENS. Another type of photostabilizer protects UV filters by helping to dissipate(release) the energy from UV, and reducing or even stopping those party chemical reactions. That’s a process called energy transfer, and it takes place when the UV filter and photostabilizer molecules exchange electrons. Like an energy KISS. :P

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 4.33.33 PM

UV filters are then freed up to do their job of protecting the skin by absorbing the harmful rays, while the photostabilizers do the work of getting rid of the energy that causes ingredient breakdowns. SCIENCE WORKS! And now, you understand how and why sunscreens are photostabilized, and why I said yesterday that I wouldn’t go near a sunscreen that wasn’t photostable.

Ok, let’s talk Coppertone Sunscreens now! Coppertone, the sunscreen of my youth! It’s probably the first sunscreen brand I remember using in the 80s. Before that, we hardly used sunscreens, which explains why every summer, whiter than white little Tracy burned and burned and burned…seriously I’m not kidding. I’ve even had second degree sunburns, which I can tell you is NO FUN. Nope. And I don’t blame my parents, as they were immigrants and had no idea that sunscreen was a needed thing if you took your kids to the beaches of Lake Manitoba every weekend in the summer. And then one day, I discovered Coppertone and their sunscreens. Saved my skin they did, because ever since then I’ve worn sunscreen. Thank you Coppertone! :)

Coppertone Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion. .jpg

Coppertone Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion, Coppertone AccuSpray Sunscreen SPF 30, Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen SPF 50+

AccuSpray is a technology that Coppertone Continuous Spray products now have and it’s all about the nozzle. It gives a more targeted and thorough sunscreen application and helps to reduce overspray which I appreciate. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sprayed a sunscreen on, and then slipped and slid on the tile floor. :D :D Thank you Accuspray for helping me to not break a hip! Also, it has a lock function on the nozzle, which is great too if you throw it in a bag because it won’t go and spray all your clothes with sunscreen. Yup, that’s happened to me too and that’s why I usually pack sunscreen in a plastic ziplock baggie. But Coppertone Accupray LOCKS off, so I don’t have to do that anymore. WAHOO! The AccuSpray nozzle has recently been added to Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen SPF 30 or SPF 50+, and to Coppertone AccuSpray Sunscreen SPF 30 or SPF 50(about $13.99) The Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen has a cooling sensation when applied and I really like that. It’s sweat and water resistant too, and both have a fresh scent. They get absorbed into the skin quickly and don’t feel greasy at all.

Coppertone Sensitive Skin Sunscreen.jpg

Coppertone Sensitive Skin Sunscreen SPF 50

Coppertone Sensitive Skin Sunscreen SPF 50($13.99) is the brand’s first sunscreen developed specifically for sensitive skin. It’s gentle and hypoallergenic and provides broad-spectrum UVA-UVB protection with a blend of active ingredients that includes the highest concentration of zinc oxide (14.5%) of any sunscreen in the 70 year history of Coppertone. This is the body one, but there’s also a Coppertone Sunscreen Lotion Sensitive Skin Faces SPF 50 too. Since it’s a blend, it’s not as thick as some mineral sunscreens, so it rubs in a little easier. It does leave a white cast though, which again I don’t mind because I like seeing that physical barrier on my skin-makes me feel protected! Smells good too! There’s a bit of a citrus scent added which makes the sunscreen smell which I love even better!

Also, be sure to use ENOUGH sunscreen. Most people don’t apply enough to get the SPF factor protection of the sunscreen they choose. To cover and protect your whole body with sunscreen if you are going to the beach, you should be using about 30 millilitres of sunscreen — roughly one quarter of a typical bottle. Slather it on thick for the best protection. AND REAPPLY. Like say you’re golfing on a gorgeous day and you were a good sunscreen cookie and applied sunscreen before playing. YAY YOU! But when you get to that ninth hole? TIME TO REAPPLY. And don’t forget your ears! They need to be protected too! And, wear a hat-it’s a must for me now. Before I wore hats, I’d ALWYAS get a burn on my scalp at the part.  It’s the worst thing I’m telling you, so now I wear a hat if I’m outside for long periods of time.

Learning is fun hey? And empowering! Especially when it’s about something as important as sunscreen. I’ve been applying sunscreen to Marky her whole life. She has NEVER had a sunburn. NEVER. She’s going to get carded at age 60 when she orders a beer I swear. Also, I used to ALWAYS put a hat on her when she was little. She never left the house without a hat. Hats and sunscreens I swear are the key to NEVER getting wrinkles and sun damage. Proof is in the Marky hahaha. :D 

What was your first sunscreen brand? And do you reapply? 

UPDATE: How to check if your sunscreen is photostable:
Look at your sunscreen ingredient list and see what the active FILTER or filters are in it. Some companies are nice and list the UV filters separately with their percentages.
If your sunscreen does contain avobenzone, check to see if there is octinoxate, which like I said makes it even more unstable. Avobenzone, however, can be stabilized with octocrylene or other UV filters and stabilizers. If octinoxate is the only other active besides avobenzone, your sunscreen is not stable.

These are some commonly used photostabilizers(taken from Wikipedia)
4-Methylbenzylidene camphor (USAN Enzacamene)
Tinosorb S (USAN Bemotrizinol, INCI Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine)
Tinosorb M (USAN Bisoctrizole, INCI Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol)
Butyloctyl Salicylate (Tradename HallBrite BHB – [1])
Hexadecyl Benzoate
Butyloctyl Benzoate
Mexoryl SX (USAN Ecamsule, INCI Terephthalylidene Dicamphor Sulfonic Acid)
Corapan TQ (INCI Diethylhexyl 2,6-Naphthalate)[8]
Parsol SLX (INCI Polysilicone-15)[9]
Oxynex ST (INCI Diethylhexyl Syringylidene Malonate[10]
Polycrylene (INCI Polyester-8)[11]
SolaStay S1 (INCI Ethylhexyl Methoxycrylene)[12]

Avène Sunscreens: Avène High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50, Avène Very High Protection Sunscreens

Welcome back to Sunscreen Week! Today Let’s talk about some of the new sun protection offerings from Avène, which is of course one of my favourite skincare brands!
 photo IMG_2255.jpg

Avène Sunscreens contains a unique UVA(those are the sun rays that AGE you)/UVB(the sun rays that BURN you) filter system called SunSitive Protection. Sunstive Protection is courtesy of the Pierre Fabre Research team, and it means very broad spectrum protection that’s photostable and enhanced with powerful antioxidant protection from Vitamin E(Pre-tocopheryl, a vitamin E precursor) to protect against free radicals. PLUS there’s Avène Thermal Spring Water to soothe the skin too! All of them are highly water and sweat resistant as well, while still being gentle on the skin.

So to put it simply, Avène sunscreens are triple duty sunscreens: protection from burning, protection from aging free radicals that can cause damage,  AND they soothe and moisturize your skin with Avène Thermal water. Win, Win, Win!

 photo IMG_2257_1.jpg

Avène High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50, Avène Very High Protection Spray SPF50 + and Avène Very High Protection Lotion SPF 50+

The Avène Very High Protection Spray SPF50 + and Avène Very High Protection Lotion SPF 50+ are formulated especially for those with hypersensitive skin-those of us that burn as soon as we step outside in the summer. If I don’t wear sunscreen, I burn in under 10 minutes. What makes Avène Very High Protection Sunscreens so good for those that burn easily is that they are stable and effective for quite a long time. They are highly water and sweat resistant. The spray is an alcohol-free non aerosol spray, which is much appreciated for sensitive skins, because no irritating and drying alcohol! Both versions are lightweight and absorb easily into the skin without leaving a white cast. There’s a slight flowery fragrance I can’t put my finger on, so they doesn’t smell like “sunscreen”, if ya’ know what I mean. I like the fragrance, but I also like the smell of sunscreen too-yeah, I’m a freak.  :P

Avène High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50.jpg

Avène High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50

Avène High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50 is a mineral or physical sunscreen containing Titanium Dioxide (10.78%) (Sunscreen), and Zinc Oxide (2.40%) giving broad spectrum protection. I personally prefer a mineral sunscreen for my face especially, as I find them less irritating and less likely to break me out. Plus, I’m on the camp side that chemical sunscreens actually bring out and cause hyper-pigmentation. Yeah, I know-it’s controversial but I swear it happens to me. And it makes sense too, since chemical sunscreens absorb UV radiation, so wouldn’t that cause brown spots to say HI? Does for me! If I use a chemical sunscreen on my face, spots reappear and I have to do damage control and correct those dark spots with skin lightners. But, if I use a mineral sunscreen? UV rays are REFLECTED off of my face, and not absorbed so I get NO spots rearing their ugly heads. Mineral sunscreens are my personal choice, and of course-it’s up to you in the end. Whatever works for you, WORKS. As long as you wear sunscreen!

Avène High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50.jpg

Avène High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50

Avène High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50 has a light peachy tint to it, and it’s thick and creamy. And like most mineral sunscreens it does leave a bit of a white cast on the skin. But I don’t mind that. I like the glow factor it gives! It does take a bit of time to soak in, but it’s worth it for me. It’s moisturizing enough that I don’t need another moisturizer on top, and wowza does it stay put! All I do then is just add some mineral powder and Bazinga! I’m protected from the sun all day. Oh, and no breakouts at all. I used Avène High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50 all the times I was at Disneyland this past year and it was perfect. No worries or fear of getting a burn, or a tan. In fact, I think I came back from every California trip even paler than I was before I left HA! First time in years that has happened!

Prices range from about $25-$30 or so depending on where you buy from, so keep your eyes out for sales! These are great choices for hypersensitive skins that have problems tolerating sunscreen.

What do you prefer for sunscreen on your face? Mineral? Or Chemical? Also….chemical sunscreens…unless they are specifically touted as being photostable as these ones from Avène? I won’t go near. But truthfully, most do claim to be photostable these days which is good! There’s a lot to know about sunscreen, hey? It’s important to know ALL the facts! I hope I’m helping, and not confusing you! If there’s anything you want to ask-DO IT! I’ll get you the answer TOOT SWEET. Man, it’s amazing how many times a day I can use TOOT SWEET. Makes me  :D

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