ShopBop Buy More, Save More Sale is on!

The ShopBop Buy More, Save More Sale is on!
ShopBop Buy More Save More

The ShopBop Buy More Save More sale is going on NOW and will end on November 30, 2015 at 11:59pm PST. Click HERE and use the promo code GOBIG15 at checkout to get your discount. As you can see, the more you buy the more you save! It’s a good time to shop with friends and family to get that bigger discount for sure! Start that Christmas shopping!

The sale includes all full priced AND sale priced items too, but there are some brand exclusions, so be sure to check them out over on the Terms & Conditions page.

Happy Shopping all! :)

I just Can’t With This Crap Anymore I Will Take You Down

Avoid the “Holiday Bitch Face” is the title of an email I just got and I’m so DONE. DONE. Here’s the email in full text-no editing, because WHY shouldn’t I share this BULL CRAP with the world of blogging, the internet, and people who read blogs? Now everyone can see the crap I can’t take anymore.

Don’t get caught with a “Holiday Bitch Face” this holiday season. The Holidays are very stressful for many and the bitchy resting face is a common cause of family drama if you are caught looking annoyed or angry. Can Botox and fillers allow the face to appear more approachable and friendly? Will cosmetic procedures cause the face to freeze?

Andrew Miller, board certified plastic and cosmetic surgery with practices in New York City and New Jersey, states, “People may think you are a snob and while some people enjoy that feeling, the average person will not want to give up their social life just for a few lines on the face.” Dr. Andrew Miller can discuss the best ways to fix this problem and still allow plenty of facial movement by using Botox and fillers to correct the bitchy resting face.

Please let me know when you would like to speak with Dr. Andrew Miller and how he perfects the perfect face.

HERE’s My Response Email I sent:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!! How about you guess what face I’m wearing right now?!!! OH-it’s my BITCH FACE.


Cheers! Tracy@Beauty Reflections

Hey, I always sign my emails with CHEERS… :D  It’s my signature… and it works for every email response, am I right? Even this one. #mymadnessworksIswear

AND??!! SHE JUST ANSWERED ME:Relax – life is too short…. really…. Michelle

Hey Dr. Miller, and your asshole PR Michelle, you got the WRONG blogger dudes…WTF MAN. Just WTF WTF. WHO…tell me WHO decided this approach was a good idea??!!! YOU? You f##king piece of man crap that steals money from women, telling them it’s not ok to age gracefully, ruining their beautiful faces with your needles and lies…or you Michelle….you are a WOMAN….HOW WAS THIS APPROACH OK WITH YOU??!!! You need to hand in your female card dude….you are not welcome as one of us anymore. Women like you are the reason why we can’t get pay equality and respect in the workforce. NEVER EVER email me again.

AND I am done….DONE….no more bullshit PR are allowed to contact me….do not even try jerks…unless you are someone I know and work with all the time? DON’T EVEN TRY to contact me. Please. Unless you want to end up here with me berating you for all to see. Let this be a lesson to all PR reading this post: Don’t mess with a woman going through menopause… I will take you down if it’s the last thing on earth I do….in my PYJAMAS TOO.

Hey…I’m not the biggest beauty blogger out there…I don’t get a lot of high end stuff…and you know, that’s not why I do this. I do this to HELP people be smart….not tell them to BUY everything…and listen to assholes like this jerk….and yeah, this post? Might make me get less stuff to blog about…but I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.


Got any words to add to this…THIS?? I just WOW. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to quit blogging….and it’s also the stuff that makes me roll up my sleeves, take another sip of wine and say: MAKE MY DAY MOTHER EFFER. MAKE. MY. DAY.

L’Occitane Limited Edition Pierre Hermé Fragrances

What happens when you get a pastry chef to create fragrances??!!


L’Occitane Limited Edition Pierre Hermé Fragrances

L'Occitane Limited Edition Pierre Hermé Fragrances.jpg

L’Occitane Limited Edition Pierre Hermé Fragrances

Olivier Baussan(Mr. L’Occitane, incase you didn’t know :D ) invited his friend, pastry chef Pierre Hermé, to compose a collection of scents for L’OCCITANE. Which is OH so COOL, but first, I have to show you one of my favourite YouTube videos ever on how to pronounce L’OCCITANE-and you’ll get to see Monsieur Baussan tell us the meaning and how to properly say it!

Man, I wish I had a friend that was a pastry chef! Can you imagine?!! I’d probably weigh 300 pounds though HAHAHA! These fragrances are more living memories of the lands of the Mediterranean and the Island of Corsica so loved by both men, and not so much about….PASTRY… :P  which makes me happy, yet makes my inner(slightly, well LOTSLY outer) fat kid SAD hahahahaha……   :D :D

Wait, WAIT. You don’t know who Pierre Hermé is?! He’s only been called the Picasso of Pastry! He’s kind of the KING of macarons, been baking since he was 14 years old, helped with the expansion of Ladurée(yes THAT Ladurée YUMMM) into a chain of luxury pastry shops, and now has his own brand name Pierre Hermé Paris which is all over Europe and Asia.

Ok, let’s get back to the limited edition fragrances he created for L’Occitane! The first one is called L’Occitane Pierre Hermé Paris Pamplemousse(Grapefruit) Rhubarb Eau de Toilette($65):

L'Occitane Pamplemousse(Grapefruit) Rhubarb Eau de Toilette.jpg

L’Occitane Pamplemousse(Grapefruit) Rhubarb Eau de Toilette

I know…this combination is kind of WHAT and WHY, right? Especially RHUBARB…I love rhubarb and have fond memories as a child walking around the backyard eating it raw…but dipping it in a glass of SUGAR you guys because…HOOOOOOoooooWEE…it’s SOUR! It was a triple-dog-dare to get a kid to take a bite of raw rhubarb without sugar in our neighbourhood! And, I mean, we’re talking grapefruit too which is bitter as well, and then it’s mixed with Rhubarb which is UBER bitter?!! NO is what I thought. But, here’s Pierre’s reasoning for the pairing:

“A quivering accord that tantalizes the nose – and the taste buds… Citrus fruit clarity merges with Rhubarb sharpness.”

And it WORKS, by gosh by gum by golly! When you spray L’Occitane Pamplemousse Rhubarb Eau de Toilette, you get a whole lot of grapefruit…and you can even smell the bitter, white of the inner skin I swear. Then it becomes more green and crisp thanks to the Rhubarb-who’d of thunk? And then it’s all anchored with some spicy cedar, so it’s a spicy scent with a tinge of bitter…like ME hahahahahaha   :P   I love it! It’s so different and I know it sounds like a summer fragrance, but it’s really not. The cedar makes it oh so cold weather appropriate. Sniff this one please!

And last, but not least there’s L’Occitane Pierre Hermé Paris Jasmine Immortelle Neroli Eau de Toilette($65):

L'Occitane Jasmine Immortelle Neroli Eau de Toilette.jpg

L’Occitane Jasmine Immortelle Neroli Eau de Toilette

I just AHHHHHHHhhhhhh with this one! It’s so PERFECT.

“Luminous, angelic, sensual… The Jasmine-Immortelle-Neroli floral fragrance is both innocent and heady.”

If you love Neroli like I love Neroli, then you NEED this. Sure, there’s jasmine, but this master pastry chef Pierre Hermé balances that sweetness with some lemon and Orange Blossom. And then he adds the scent of Immortelle which is woodsy and mysterious, just like the magical flower that is a powerful anti-aging ingredient in L’Occitane skincare. But that whiff of Neroli shmexxxxy…that amazing buttery yet flowery scent that takes it over the top… LOVE. LOVE. LOVE L’Occitane Jasmine Immortelle Neroli Eau de Toilette!

Now, these are Eau de Toilettes, so the lasting power is a couple of hours…like about 4 hours I’d say? But they are so lovely and worth it. Plus, if you want to prolong the longevity of the scent, you can buy shower gel, body lotion, hand cream, etc., to extend that wear time and OH YEAH…I plan on it….next week in fact!

Have you been so lucky to experience these amazing scents yet? If not…I urge you to find your nearest L’Occitane and SMELL people….  :)

Happy Friday everyone!! We got a skiff of snow here yesterday and of course, everyone loses their minds and forgets how to drive when there is snow on the roads, which amazes me every year. Like WHY. All I can say is that I am so blessed to not have to endure any early morning commutes anymore…and heck…I’ve paid my dues having to drive all the way downtown for 6 years my friends, so I remember those 1.5 hour drives come snowfall! I hope the weekend is warmer here, and think it will be actually! I tell you, having the heat on in the house annoys menopausal me…I swear I get a hot flash every time the furnace turns on and I don’t LIKE IT.  :P



Hif © Professional Cleaning For Hair Cleansing Conditioners

HIF© stands for ‘Hair Is Fabric’ and it’s a line of haircare from my favourite beauty obsession, DECIEM. HIF© believes that we should treat our hair just as we treat our fancy clothes-you don’t stick your silk dresses in the washing machine, right? So why shouldn’t we treat our hair just like we treat our fine clothing? HIF© is like dry cleaning for your hair-only with water! #BestProductTaglineEver

And they’re right! Our hair is really like fabric, made up of dead cells that can’t be repaired.#TRUTH

Hif © Professional Cleansing Conditioners

HIF© Cleansing Conditioners.jpg

HIF© Cleansing Conditioners-Curly Hair Support

HIF© is a line of FIFTEEN Cleansing Conditioners made for different types of hair and concerns. HIF© Cleansing Conditioners use “cleansing fractions” instead of harsh detergents and deposit good for your scalp and hair ingredients that even penetrate the hair cuticle. That’s where your healthy hair starts dudes! So many great ingredients including hyaluronic acid, precious rock extracts and exotic oils will get your hair looking in top top runway ready condition!

There’s so many different HIF© Cleansing Conditioners, and honestly you can’t pick a bad one. Each HIF© comes with a Cleansing Coefficient and a Conditioning Coefficient. A higher Cleansing Coefficient means there’s more cleansing fractions and more of a foamy feel(for those that like that foamy feeling when you wash your hair). The higher the Conditioning Coefficient the more conditioning treatments there are in it.

HIF© Cleansing Conditioners.jpg

HIF© Cleansing Conditioners

So, for example in the above pic the HIF© Intensive Detox will leave your scalp and hair feeling extra CLEAN and it foams up quite a bit! The HIF© Silver Hue Support has a lower Cleansing Coefficient but a higher Conditioning Coefficient, although I find that it still foams up well. The HIF© Curly Hair Support in my first picture has a Cleansing Coefficient of only 3, so it doesn’t have the foaming action that these two do. However, just because it has a lower Cleansing Coefficient doesn’t mean that your hair won’t feel clean-it just all depends on what your particular hair type really needs to look and actually be healthy!
Each different HIF© has specific ingredients to make your hair type be it’s best. HIF© Curly Hair Support nourishes the scalp and the hair follicle directly with Tomato Enzymes that provide cysteine to the hair, which is what’s needed to form keratin. Keratin will help curly hair be it’s BEST curly self, plus it’s got loads of amazing conditioning ingredients to prevent frizz too. HIF© Silver Hue Support is my favourite, because it helps my grey hair look so bright! It has refractive metal prisms to combat any dullness and brassiness, so when I use it my hair looks cleaner and brighter and not yellow, which is a huge problem when you have grey hair. It also really deep conditions my hair which is also important because grey hair is coarser and wiry. This stuff leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth and manageable. No Baba Yaga hair!  :D   HIF© Intensive Detox is great to use after a lot of styling products for a big night out, or if you’ve had an extra sweaty Zumba workout and your scalp needs some extra cleaning  :P  It’s got the highest Cleansing Coefficient of them all and deep cleans with a cooling sensation that’s kind of awesome. HIF© Intensive Detox has a desert date bio-complex that is rich in iron content to help fight hair loss, eliminate dirt and residue on the scalp,  yet still conditions hair to leave it feeling soft.

So, how do you these Cleansing Conditioners? Well, first up you need LESS than you think you do-especially if it’s more of a foamy formula. I’ll squirt about a thumb length into my hand and then rub both hands together. One hand will go to the front of my scalp, and the other to the back. Then, I massage the product all over my scalp with a a bit of water to activate it. Massage away and then I take it though the length of my hair. Then, I twist my hair up and pin it onto the top of my head and let it sit for 3 minutes. You’ll feel your HIF© working on your scalp-kind of tingles. Then, just rinse off and Bazinga! You’re good to go.

I love my HIF© so much and just ordered some more for me, and for Marky too. She loves the HIF© Red Hue Support, which has iron rose crystal extract that hydrates while restoring red colour and shine. My only con would be that it’s a tad expensive, but if you’re like Marky and wash your hair every third day then it’s not so bad really. Me, because of Zumba I wash my hair pretty much every day-I don’t like sweaty scalp ok  :P   so, I’ll alternate using other shampoos with my HIF©.  They will be coming out with one litre versions of some of the formulas, so that’ll be more cost effective of an option for sure.

DECIEM…I love them so much…everything I try is amazing I swear!

So, do you use cleansing conditioners? Or have you tried them in the past and hated them like I did? These will change your mind I promise!

Menopause Mondays: Want to Try Nioxin For 30 Days With Me?

Thinning hair is something I’ve been fighting for the last few years thanks to this menopause business. Things I’ve tried have been temporary solutions, mostly hair thickeners which are fine of course-they do help. But last week I was contacted to try out Nioxin. Nioxin has decades of research into the science of thinning hair and hair loss. What’s cool about Nioxin is that it’s a complete line of hair and scalp products formulated for every type of thinning hair. Nioxin believes that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and I believe it!

Nioxin 30 Day Kits

Nioxin Kits

Nioxin Kits


Nioxin has 6 kits to choose from and all you need to do is use the easy consultation tool HERE to determine which kit is best suited for your type of thinning hair.

So here’s the DEAL:  I took the Nioxin Consultation and a Kit #2 is on its way for me to try for 30 days. And the awesome PR has agreed to let FIVE LUCKY READERS to also get to try one of the kits too, as LONG AS YOU ARE WILLING TO SHARE YOUR RESULTS. Pretty cool right?

All you need to do is take the Nioxin Consultation and find out which kit is going to work for you.

Then, email me at  and tell me WHY you’d like to try Nioxin and about your hair thinning woes, along with your mailing address. I’ll accept entries until midnight MST tomorrow, Tuesday November 17, 2015. 

I will choose 5 readers to join me in the Nioxin Trial and I’ll email you if you’re chosen. Also, remember, after your 30 day trial is up, I will need a mini review/testimonial from you for the final results post so I will be in touch for that.

Also, you need to be a resident of Canada to participate and preferably like I said….have thinning hair issues. Please don’t lie just because you want to get something for free, as I’d really like this to be a true trial for those of us who really need help. Capiche? GOOD.

Let’s do this together!  :D



Friday Chat: Peanuts Happiness, L’Occitane Grand Re-opening at WEM, Some Alberta Small Towns That Are Awesome, and a Bit of Makeup-a bit!

00Hey!! How YOU doing’ this week? Are you glad it’s Friday? I am! Although, every Friday I go to Zumba, and today I’ll be missing it because my fave teacher isn’t going to be there. :(


I’ve said it before, Zumba Subs SUCK…but I do have to get used to other instructors because she’s not going to be teaching in the daytime as of January 2016!! ACCCKKKKKKkkkkkkkk my heart….HURTS just thinking about it. She is so full of JOY when she dances, and I love that about her. She will keep teaching every Saturday at another facility that’s about 25 minutes away, so I’ll be making that trek for sure now come January. I will have to drive for my weekly Zumba Kick!

McDonald’s has PEANUTS toys with Happy Meals, so…..

 photo IMG_3210.jpg

I didn’t get the meal…just the toy PLEASE and THANK YOU hahaha #NeverGrowUp #CantMakeME
I need to go see the Peanuts movie SOON!! When Terry is in town next week maybe! It’s killing me not seeing it yet!

I went on a little Alberta Adventure this week to two towns that have deep, deep roots in the Ukrainian Alberta history here. First stop was Vegreville, Alberta which is about an hour east of Edmonton. If you have any doubts about this being a Ukie town, they’ll be squashed once you feast your eyes upon this:

 photo IMG_3220.jpg

World’s largest Pysanka or Ukrainian Easter Egg, Vegreville, Alberta

Yep, that’s the world’s largest Pysanka, or Ukrainian Easter Egg in the whole world. And it spins when the wind hits it…hours of entertainment as one of my buddies on Instagram said.

When I visit these towns in Alberta, I like to visit the churches-most of the towns in Alberta were started and settled by Ukrainian Immigrants, so the churches are a pretty vital part of the community. I swear my peoples OWN this province HAHAHA!

 photo IMG_3232.jpg

Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Vegreville, Alberta

The Holy Trinity Catholic Church it pretty typical of Catholic Ukrainian churches here with the gleaning silver domes-really pretty!

 photo IMG_3222.jpg

St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church, Vegreville, Alberta

St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church is very atypical for a Ukrainian church! The shape/architecture is so 70s-leads me to believe that this was rebuilt at some point? I don’t know for sure, but it’s pretty groovy looking for a church, hey? Even the domes are different! Btw, domes are the way you can spot a Ukrainian church MILES away…always gotta have domes!

But like most Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Churches, it has a gorgeous tile mosaic on the front.

 photo IMG_3227.jpg

St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church, Vegreville, Alberta

So much work…so much beauty! I’m actually Ukrainian Greek Orthodox baptized…Terry is a Catholic Ukrainian. One day I’ll have to show you my church in Winnipeg…the one I grew up in…and it happens to be the head church in Canada…it’s MAGNIFICENT.

Next stop was the small town of Mundare, which is another Ukrainian community as you can tell by the town statue:

 photo IMG_3243.jpg

Mundare Giant Sausage Statue

Yup, that the largest Kobasa in the world….it’s a memorial to the founder of Stawnichy’s Sausage which is HUGE in Alberta. Good stuff. And if you happen to visit Mundare on a day they’re smoking the sausages, it’s like SMELL-O-VISION around this…thing…hahaha…yeah.

Elk Island National Park is not far from Edmonton, and since we have a yearly pass to the national parks, we stopped in for a bit!

 photo IMG_3267.jpg

Elk Island National Park


 photo IMG_3268.jpg

Elk Island National Park

Everything is so frozen there now!

Yup…it’s been cold I guess! Frozen Beaver Dam on a frozen little lake…so pretty.

 L'Occitane Grand Re-opening at WEM.jpg

Elk Island National Park

I don’t get why the park is called Elk Island because it’s all about the bison here! And they are so amazing! These guys were so careful before crossing the highway…they kept looking and checking to make sure no cars were moving before they skipped over…it was amazing to see!

I guess I should talk about SOME beauty products hey HAHA!

Ok, these Yves Rocher Botanical Eye Pencils are REALLY GOOD!!

 L'Occitane Grand Re-opening at WEM.jpg

Yves Rocher Botanical Eye Pencils

Seriously, so many colours and I should probably name them all for you but dudes, there’s like FOURTEEN of them there and it was hard enough peeling off the wrapping from each one…took me 15 minutes I swear so…not happening haha #myteethhurtfrombitingthewrappingoff  AND…I’m too tired to look up the names so SORRY…not really  :P  Honestly, it’s pretty easy to tell what shade is which if you do fancy one of them. Right now they’re only $9.95 and I think that’s pretty decent for an eyeliner that stays put really well. I say go for the crazy lemon, orange and greens! And the teals, if you are a #tealwhore like me and Gaelle @Gaelle’s Journal.

 L'Occitane Grand Re-opening at WEM.jpg

NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Blush Palette

I’m really liking this NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Blush Palette. I’ve pretty much gotten rid of most of my blushes, so this purchase was almost needed haha! I’ve actually never had any of these NARS shades in this palette(some are new of course), and it’s kind of perfect for when I travel. It has a contour/highlight duo and a bronzer too so, easy sell to a blush fiend!

 L'Occitane Grand Re-opening at WEM.jpg

NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Blush Palette

I like it. A LOT. Worth every penny in my eyes!

I happened to be at West Edmonton Mall the other day…why I can’t remember? But I happened to notice that there was a new L’Occitane store being built a few doors down from the current one. And I’ve been told by a little birdie that the Grand Re-Opening is this Friday Nov. 13th, with special promotions going on until Sunday Nov. 15th. It’s a gorgeous newly renovated space that’s BIGGER! BETTER! And there’s some special promotions happening too that you might want to take advantage of fellow Edmontonians:

· From Friday to Sunday, enjoy 15% off any $30 purchase.

· The first 100 customers will receive a free gift with a purchase of $30 or more.

· There will be beverages and a selection of French pastries from Passion de France.

Dudes, I’m going just for the PASTRIES I mean, HELLOooooo! But seriously, L’Occitane is kind of awesome! They’ve partnered with Dress for Success®, an international not-for-profit that promotes the economic independence for disadvantaged women by providing them with professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

 L'Occitane Grand Re-opening at WEM

For every Star Gift Box sold during the festive season, $10 will be donated to Dress for Success, up to a $120K donation on behalf of L’OCCITANE North America. HOW AMAZING is THAT? So, if you’re at the new store this weekend, buy a gift box!! You’ll be helping and empowering another woman that needs to be told they CAN…which is what we should all do! Make me proud my fellow Beauty Junkies and let’s do some GOOD!!

Happy Weekend all! I hope you have a lovely weekend! And I leave you with my new fave song from The Peanuts Movie, which we dance to at Zumba…it’s so cute it makes me smile/happy cry every time I hear it…my new theme song! Sing OH AYE OH!!!  :D


Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil

Looking for a body oil that delivers amazing hydration yet doesn’t cost a lot?

Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil($9.99)

Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil.jpg

Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil

Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil has a blend of certified organic oils that includes Safflower Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Sesame Oil. That’s a lot of oils dudes! It’s also got Vitamin E and Vitamin C as well for some added healthy skin benefits. The 99% plant derived and all natural formula is mineral oil, petroleum, paraben, silicone, phthalate, and dye free and never tested on animals. It has a really light, warm citrus scent that isn’t overpowering at all.

Smooth some Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil on right after your shower, and it will leave you smooth and silky and not greasy at all. You need SO little- one pump for your entire leg will do you good. It helps calm irritated, itchy skin and in time will even help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, redness and dark spots.

Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil is probably one of the best body oils I’ve ever tried! Every time I try something from Live Clean I’m amazed at how good it is, yet how affordable it is?!  If you haven’t jumped on the Live Clean Amazing Product Train yet, do yourself a favour and go to Walmart or Loblaw’s and get this. You’ll use it all winter long and thank me…and them for not having sandpaper legs for the first time in your life during the cold weather. Promise!

Oh, and hey I get it, maybe you already have a favourite moisturizer you love and use and don’t want to abandon. Well, you can add a pump of ive Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil to your favourite body moisturizer to give it a hydration boost. Why not? Exactly.  :D

Body oils? Or Body Butters? What’s your preferred method of body hydration come winter?

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