Here I am. AGAIN. Wondering WHY I bother to do what I do. It happens every week lately tbh. But tonight I’ve had 3 glasses of wine for the first time in THREE WEEKS because I can’t drink wine all that often these days. I don’t sleep if I do. #fuckyoumenopause

But tonight? I had a horrible Healthy Choice Frozen Dinner that was just chicken and vegetables -no carbs man- and I just had enough. So, I opened up the good ol’box’o’wine from Costco sitting on the floor. And that was a feat and half because the mother-effer who’s job is to stick the spout on the bag of wine inside the box, fucked up big time. I almost couldn’t find it… but it was there in the end, on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BAG OF WINE. #WTH #stopscrewingwithmyWINE #MoreProofThatNobodyDoesTheirJobWellLatley

ANYWAYS. Let’s get to it. Three glasses in and I am here. Pissed off AGAIN. Why?

TIRED. Tired of big-ass-bloggers blogging about makeup products and NOT SWATCHING THEM. What the FUCK is that all about? I came to your site to read about and SEE the new Armani Lipsticks-fucking every shade you got I see in that awesome shot of them all sitting in front of your computer or whatever. But you’re too fucking lazy to show me the shades. SWATCHES. Remember those things? Why do you even bother writing the post? Oh, I know…to make sure you KEEP GETTING MAKEUP FROM ARMANI.

TIRED. Tired of people just spouting off #PRBullshit that was created by some copywriter who most days can’t even spell Cereal. Thanks for just telling me and everyone else who bothers to read your blog exactly what I can read on the side of the fucking box that product was packed in. You are a true gem and so talented. Remember when blogging was about our VOICES? And what we, the bloggers THOUGHT about the products? Yeah, but that might not go over well with the PR who sent you that stuff. Which brings me to my next TIRED point.

TIRED. Tired of PR asking for a review of something. And then when I do that review for you, but I happen to voice my concerns about ingredients…valid concerns and valid points…hey…I know my skincare by now. I’m almost 50. I know ingredients. I know which work, and which are there for FLUFF and STUFF. And when I write my honest review which you apparently USED to ADMIRE about me? But oh…because this time it’s got a little scratchy point you don’t like…you don’t even ACKNOWLEDGE IT. #YouCanAlsoTakeMeOffYourListNowToo #IamNoBrandsLieMachine #AndItsAshameAsIHadanotherBlogPostReadyToGo #YourLoss #ButProbablyNot

TIRED. Tired of competing. I didn’t start this blog to compete with anyone for the free stuff. But it does piss me off when someone who GETS all the FREE stuff doesn’t try as hard as I know I would to review the stuff they get for just showing pretty pics on Instagram. And oh, most of their followers aren’t real. When you apparently have that many followers on IG, you’d think you’d get a pretty sizeable chunk of them liking your photos of all that pretty and free makeup you get, but you don’t. #notfoolinganyonebutPR #ButIguessThatsthePoint #SoBRAVOtoYou

There’s no solution to my TIRED. I’m not looking for one anymore. I’m just ranting like I always do. Putting my concerns out there to get a feel for what’s going on in the blogging world. And I know the way I feel is in the minority these days, but I don’t care and I’ll keep saying it: Blogging ain’t what it used to be. I keep saying and telling you all this every so often, because someday, maybe even soon, there won’t even be ME to warn you, that is-the those of you who actually care and read blogs.

I need some McD’s Chicken Nuggets now…

The weirdest, yet coolest skincare product I’ve tried in a long time

YOU GUYS. I found something that’s SO GOOD. Yet SO….different. But WORKS like nothing else I’ve tried before!

Splash Masks! Have you heard of them?

Blithe Patting Water Mask .jpg

Blithe Patting Water Mask

Splash Masks are a Korean Skincare invention, of course. Seriously, I’m all OVER the Korean skincare game because they know what they’re doing! Fifteen seconds with a splash mask is equivalent to a 20 minute sheet mask. And that’s with no waiting around, no scaring your hubby because you look like Jason, and my fave benefit-NO AWKWARD MASK SELFIE. #WhyDoPeopleDoThem #WTF #freaksMeOut

Blithe Patting Water Mask is a watery…toner? No, it’s more viscous than that…maybe like an essence…yeah…that’s it. But it’s concentrated and chock-full of good for your skin ingredients like all kinds of antioxidants, glycerin, and my fave chemical exfoliator-lactic acid. My aging, sensitive skin LOVES lactic acid…it’s the only chemical exfoliator I can use without any ill-effects.

There are two ways you can use a splash mask. One way is to dump a capful of it into a bowl filled with warm water and splash your face with that for about 15 seconds. Eh. I guess you could use your sink? And I don’t know about you but I don’t clean my bathroom skink every day! RIGHT? If you do, then WOW, you are like my hero. But my point is that I’d want a clean sink that’s for sure, not one that I just brushed my teeth and spit into! My fave way, which is a tip from the Glow Recipe girls(where in fact is where I ordered my Blithe Patting Water Mask from) is to use it in the shower.  I spread, or PAT a little less than a capful onto my face at the beginning of my shower( I like the idea of putting it on my dry face? But I have put it on my wet face and it still works). I keep patting it on for about 15 secondss-once I feel it tingle-and believe me it doesn’t take long to feel that tingle! Like I said, this is a pretty concentrated mask! Once the tingle happens, I start rinsing my face off under the shower. That’s IT. EASY. NO MESS. NO WAIT.

And when you get out of the shower? SMOOOOOooooove skin is the result. And soft skin too! And no irritation to my sensitive skin either. My face has NEVER felt so moisturized after a shower you guys! Usually it’s tight and dry feeling, but not after using my Blithe Patting Water Mask. NOPE.

Now there are three kinds of Blithe Patting Water Masks, so CHOOSE WISELY. I have the purple one as you can see, which is the Rejuvenating one, which is more suitable for aging skin like mine. It’s fruity smelling, almost grapey if I really want to pin down the scent. It’s not too much either, and I don’t think it’s cloying or anything. Sephora USA is selling Blithe right now which is like WOW-LUCKY YOU GUYS I HATE YOU ALL HAHAHA. But they have only two of them: the one that’s for skin prone to acne, which I got Marky to order and try, and another one that’s full of citrus oils which for me is a no-no, but hey if you can handle them, then you go girl.

I swear you guys-two weeks of using my Blithe Patting Water Mask and my skin is GLOWING and so SMOOOVE. I am hooked. Big TIME.

Have you tried a splash mask yet? Have you tried any innovative Korean Skincare yet? What’s the coolest Korean Skincare product you’ve tried?


My Healthy Lungs Story

Believe it or not, I used to smoke. I didn’t start until I was around 18 though, when I started hanging around with friends that were older than me. They were awesome friends, but pretty much every one of them smoked. Back in the 80s, it was rarer to be a non-smoker than a smoker. So, I joined the club. Why, I can’t even tell you. Maybe I wanted to be like my older friends, I don’t know. To be honest, I can’t quite remember why. But it was one of the dumbest decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

For me, smoking was more about something to do with my hands, and it helped calm me. I’m a nervous, anxious person. Yup, always have been, always will be. You know how some people take a drag on a cigarette and put it down to go and do something? Yeah, I couldn’t do that. I’d smoke that sucker fast until it was done and DONE. I was the fastest smoker in the west. So did it really calm me down? Not really. It was a smoky illusion.

My sister was a heavy smoker-really heavy. Over two-pack of cigarettes a day heavy. One summer, her and her hubby came to Alberta for a 2 week vacation with us. We took them to Calgary, to Banff, to Jasper-all my favourite places in my beautiful province.

While in Banff, we hiked Johnston Canyon. It’s not a very hard hike, but there is elevation change of course. Well, near the end of the hike, my sister had an emphysemic attack on the ascent back up. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. Her face turned so red, and she couldn’t catch her breath at all. She has to sit down, red and gasping for air that just wasn’t getting into her lungs. Her hubby stayed with her as she recovered, while me and Terry finished the hike as fast as we could. I didn’t want to stick around and watch her gasping for breath. I couldn’t do it. It sounds mean that I didn’t stay, but I was in shock and I had never saw anything like it before. She was only 42. I was 25. At the top of the canyon, I looked at my husband and said:

I don’t want that to happen to me when I’m 42. I’m quitting smoking. For good.

And when my sister left to go back to Manitoba, I quit smoking. And never looked back.

Exercise can help you quit

What helped me quit was exercise. I started running. It took me 4 weeks to be able to run a mile without stopping, but I did it! And ever since then, I’ve been a regular exerciser. Exercise helps my nervous personality now, helping me deal with stress way better than smoking ever did. Exercise is so important to keep your lungs and heart healthy, and can help you deal with stress too. The secret is to find something you enjoy doing. I know everyone says that, but it’s true. At the time when I quit smoking, the challenge of running that mile-to get to that goal-was addictive. A healthy addiction. I could see my progress- I was getting better and better at it every day. And that focus really helped me to quit.

I don’t run anymore. Sometimes I get that itch to run, but it’s a little too hard on my aging joints lately. These days, I keep my lungs healthy by doing Zumba, Walking, and my real love which is Hiking. Nothing soothes my nervous soul like hiking does! And, for me, every hike-EVERY HIKE-reminds me of that moment, which will be 25 years ago soon- that I decided to make my lungs healthy again. Every hike? Is a VICTORY.
Healthy Lungs

Even though 90% of lung cancers are caused by smoking, there are other causes. “Pollutants and indoor toxins like radon and asbestos can also cause lung cancer and asbestos in particular can cause a rare cancer called mesothelioma. Here in Canada, while asbestos is not yet banned it’s no longer used in construction, and in fact, gets removed pronto if it’s found in an old building. A lot of people are dangerously unaware that these carcinogens are still around so if you are buying an older house in the US where asbestos is still legal and actually still used, please get it tested for radon and asbestos before you buy. Please.”

Healthy Lungs.jpg

Make a pledge right here, right now to keep your lungs healthy! Nothing, NOTHING feels better than making your health a priority in your life! Once you do, it’ll change everything around you. I promise. If you’d like to learn more about asbestos exposure and what mesothelioma is, head over to

Take a deep, healthy breath, and do it.

How do you keep your lungs heathy?

One thing I’m going to do is get some plants that help purify the air in my home. I have no plants in the house right now, and it’s time to change that.

Soooo….did I tell you in the summer I noticed I had a VERTICAL wrinkle? VERTICAL you guys-like this ——– just above my left cheek bone. And that was the moment I really understood that: I. Am. Getting. OLD.

I really am….  🙁

My skin as you know, is very sensitive and so I haven’t really been able to use anything that most normal people do like glyoclics or retinols to smooth out any kind of wrinkles that appear. Every time I’d try one of those kinds of products BOOM I’d break out. Sigh. But Mr. Vertical Wrinkle SCARED ME. I needed to do something!

And then, lo and behold, one of my favourite gentle skincare brands came out with something that gives aging sensitive skin hope!

Avène PhysioLift Skincare line



The Avène PhysioLift Skincare line is made for people like me who want to do something about wrinkles, but have sensitive skin. The products firm the skin and reduce the appearance of pronounced wrinkles. AND best part is that they are gentle enough for persnickety aging skin like mine! And yours!


Not only does it replenish skin with collagen and hyaluronic acid, it protects it from free-radicals as well. What I love the most about this cream is that it’s enriched with anti-fatigue and anti-grayness micro pearlescent agents that act as a soft-focus blurring, kind of making those wrinkles disappear. Well, not disappear, but my skin instantly LOOKS better and less wrinkly when I use it, whether I wear makeup or not.


Magical stuff! Seriously, you’ll notice a difference in one night I promise. This has a magic ingredient called Hesperidine methyl chalcone. Hesperidine methyl chalcone works to improve skin tone and reduce redness by calming inflammation and decreasing capillary permeability. Meaning, it strengthens the capillary wall and prevents blood from leaking out, which can cause redness in the skin. One night of using this and you’ll wake up to firmer, less wrinkled looking and luminous skin. The Retinaldehyde is what smooths out wrinkles and my skin can tolerate it, so yay!



This is my new favourite eye cream, especially when I want to wear makeup. It fills wrinkles and tightens the skin around the eye contour, plus it reduces puffiness and dark circles. It’s so smoothing and lifting and makes a perfect base for concealer. But, it does contain silicone though, which is why it’s so smoothing.

Let’s talk about silicones

In fact, all of these products do contain a bit of silicone, just in different amounts. The eye cream in fact, has the least amount. But the day cream feels the least siliconey-in fact I don’t even really feel that silicone feel when I use it. Yet, I counted silicone THREE TIMES in the ingredient list?!! Usually as you know, my skin doesn’t do well with silicones, but I don’t know man-I think the addition of Avène Thermal Spring Water magically makes it easier to tolerate? Avène DID test out the entire range on people with sensitive skin and it was well tolerated, so that’s what I guess I’ve experienced as well.

But…BUT…I do wish Avène wouldn’t have put silicones in every product?! I know they’re there to optically help blur and fill in fine lines and wrinkles, but seriously, they could have kept it out of the night balm at least, as I don’t see the point of them being in there. Who needs to blur their wrinkles to go to bed hey? Even though I love what the night balm does for my skin, I don’t use it every night because I really don’t like using silicones in my night skincare. Anyways, silicones in makeup and skincare have been deemed safe here in Canada, and you can read more about that HERE. In the end, like I always say: it’s up to YOU to know your skin and what it likes and does not like and what it can tolerate. 



I love seeing a pretty innovative delivery system like this! It has a pen-type applicator that you push down on the bottom to release the product. It’s kind of a foam texture that expands and fills in those deep wrinkles so that they get all the highly concentrated ingredients and stay there. I put it where I have really visible wrinkles like where I have the 11’s between my brows starting to appear, and that damn Mr. Vertical Wrinkle above my cheekbone. Again, I only use this during the day, as my preference is to not use silicones at night. But hey, if you can-you go girl!

Mr. Vertical is slowly getting better from using the Avène PhysioLift Skincare line-hopefully someday he’ll disappear!

What is your favourite anti-wrinkle skincare product? And if you have any that are silicone-free, I’d appreciate it!

Guess what? You CAN Find Quality Skincare Gems Locally!

A couple of weeks ago-well actually probably a month ago now-I was contacted by Miri from an Edmonton local salon/spa called Pink Ice Hair & Esthetics. Miri told me about Sandra, who sounds like an amazing boss! Well, Sandra has her own line of products she sells in the Salon called Sandy Seashell. Miri so kindly sent me some products to try out and blog about them if I liked them.

Miri, I LIKE. A LOT!

Sandy Seashell.jpg

Sandy Seashell

Sandy Seashell is a fun skincare line! There are no preservatives, parabens and no harsh preservatives. They are made with natural and artificial scents that change seasonally. In fact, pretty soon the scent “cotton headed nanny muggins” which was inspired by the movie Elf and smells like sugar cookies will be out. DUDE, I’m gonna be needing that asap.

Let’s start with the lip balms, because they are so good!

Sandy Seashell Hot Licks Lip Balm $4
Sandy Seashell.jpg


The two main scents/flavours of the Sandy Seashell Hot Licks are peppermint mojito and mint chocolate. They are very soothing and moisturizing and have that fresh mint feeling without any burn or tingle. I took them with me last week to Jasper and they protected my lips while hiking in the frosty mountain air. I love using one before a matte liquid lipstick and it helps to keep my lips comfortable. Definitely my new favourite lip balms, and I have one in my purse at all times now.

Sandy Seashell Exfoliating Shower Gel-ly $13

Sandy Seashell.jpg

This is the scent Berry-Lime Mojito, and HOOWEE is it refreshing and cooling! It’s perfect for after Zumba and the cooling sensation stays for quite a bit, so this hot-flashin’-pretty-close-to-menopause-lady really likes that! It contains jojoba beads to provide a gentle exfoliation for all skin types. YAY to no plastic evil little beads that pollute our lakes! It lathers really well and a little goes a long way and it doesn’t dry out my skin either. LOVE.

Sandy Seashell Suga Lumps Sugar Body Scrub $15

Sandy Seashell.jpg

This is my favourite product I think. It has a perfect mix of skin softening oils and sugar to gently exfoliate skin. It’s FULL of cocoa butter so it really moisturizes skin. And this scent Bamboo Lemongrass is AMAZING. It smells like the beach and ocean and clean and I am rationing it slowly to use when I want to feel like I’m at the beach when it’s -30C. SO GOOD.

Sandy Seashell Paradise Potion Body Lotion $13
Sandy Seashell.jpg

Mine is in a jar, but I think it comes in a bottle now. Rich and creamy it moisturizes skin without any kind of greasy feeling what so ever. Full of natural oils and butters like Cocoa butter, almond oil, mango seed oil, coconut seed oil,your skin will love you for using something good for it for once.

I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Sandy Seashell, and I’m definitely a fan for life and will be picking up more when the winter/Christmas scents become available. You can order online HERE if you aren’t in the Edmonton area, and since they use Paypal, I’m pretty sure they’ll ship pretty much everywhere! In store, you can mix and match 3 items for $30 which is a great deal and that’s what I’ll be doing because I’m planning on getting my hair done there soon! They use Paul Mitchell products which are cruelty-free and have loads of fun colours too! YES!

I love finding quality products made locally. Do you use any skincare products from a local business? 

Olde English Charm In The Rocky Mountains

Last week we decided to go to Banff for a short visit, because why not? Terry hasn’t had much work lately, which is ok by me. Yeah, less money but, MORE ADVENTURES.

I looked around on Expedia, because I really didn’t feel like paying a lot for a hotel room this time. Heck, we’re still recovering from the College Road Trip #2, so no added financial stress is needed thank you very much. I found great reviews and a great price of $122 for one night at The GeorgeTown Inn in the city of Canmore, which is about a 10 minute drive from Banff.

 The GeorgeTown Inn, Canmore, Alberta

The GeorgeTown Inn.jpg

The GeorgeTown Inn

What a fantastic find! The Georgetown Inn has that little bit of Olde English Charm that’s kind of fun here in Canada. We love that stuff! Canmore was a mining town way back, but when the mines shut down there wasn’t much else for it to survive, that is, until the 1984 Calgary Olympics.  Canmore is now home to the Canadian Nordic Centre where athletes live and train for cross country skiing and other Olympic sports. That Olympics saved the town, and wow…I wish I bought property back then because now it’s a booming mountain town that’s pretty expensive to live in. Gas is at least 10 cents a litre more, and housing is outrageously priced. C’est la vie! At least they have great hotels and inns to stay in, like The Georgetown Inn.

The Georgetown Inn looks like it might be an older property, but is in fact only about 15 years old. So it has all the modern amenities you need with the look and feel of staying in the English countryside.

This is a shot of the patio, it’s so PRETTY!

The GeorgeTown Inn.jpg

The GeorgeTown Inn

And Hellooooooo, there’s an english phone booth here!
The GeorgeTown Inn.jpg

As soon as you walk in the lobby, you know this is gonna be GREAT.

The GeorgeTown Inn.jpg

The GeorgeTown Inn Lobby

Where do you get these English furniture items? I’d like to know, seriously. Is there an Ole English Shop where you can buy these things?

The GeorgeTown Inn1.jpg

Our room was so quaint and amazing. As soon as you walk in, you notice that there’s a tea pot with cookies left for you.

The GeorgeTown Inn.jpg

King Bed:

The GeorgeTown Inn.jpg

And a fireplace! How cool is that! Too bad this menopausal lady can’t stand heat, but hey! Still pretty cool!

The GeorgeTown Inn.jpg

The bathroom and tub are pretty nice too!

 The GeorgeTown Inn.jpg

The Pub is called The Miners Lamp Pub, and WOW what a great spot to eat!

 The GeorgeTown Inn.jpg

They apparently have the best fish and chips EVER, but we arrived too late for dinner. But, we had breakfast there the next morning and it was SO SO GOOD.

 The GeorgeTown Inn.jpg
I had the Bacon and Berry pancakes, and YUMMMMMmmmmmm! I couldn’t finish this portion, but even then I was full until 3pm easy.

The Georgetown Inn is a lovely place to stay if you’re visiting the Banff area, and I highly recommend it! The staff were very friendly and very helpful. We will definitely be back soon! In fact, we were talking about taking Marky here when she comes home for Christmas, because she enjoys places like this that have all the little charms of England.

 photo SAM_2395.jpg

Plus with views like this, how can you go wrong?

Have you stayed at The Georgetown Inn in Canmore? What other hotels in the Banff/Canmore area are great? Let me know! We are of course scheming and planning another trip, because the mountains are always calling!