Moisturising Mask Smack-Down! Tracy Unplugged…Who Wins?

I’ve never done one of these SMACK-DOWN kinda’ posts. I like them! You get a feeling of what a product is like and a comparison of a few similar ones. What’s not to love?

Today I’m doing a Moisturising Mask Smack-Down! I’ve got four to compare for you, and I’m going to tell you my honest opinion about each one. A little different from other smack-down posts you’ve read…I hope. :P

 photo IMG_3018.jpg

No like seriously, my HONEST opinion. Like what I actually wrote down whilst testing. TRACY UNPLUGGED. And like it or not, it’s what happens in my mind when I test stuff…be prepared… OH and I’m going to do this Moisturising Mask Smack-Down in order of LEAST favourite to MOST favourite. Because again, that’s how my mind works.

The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

Last place and least liked first, just to be clear:

1. Glam Glow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment:

 photo IMG_3022.jpg
Tracy thoughts:

“I got this cute little mini GlamGlow Thirsty Mud jar in California in the beginning of January.  I was REALLY excited as I really wanted to try this for ages. BUT. It’s thick. GOOPY. And tough to smooth on my face. AND it smells like PLAY DOUGH. NO LIKEY, even though I have extensive experience in making play dough worms and sculptures. Marky loved the stuff as a kid and we played with it a lot. And… she ate a lot of it. :D :D  I am not her. I did not eat any play dough. The smell is UGGGGGGH to me. And my skin? Doesn’t feel any softer or more moisturized after. BOO. Glad I didn’t spring for a full-size that’s for sure.”

2. La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque(still love that French spelling of MASK, so extra marks for that):

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque.jpg

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque


Tracy thoughts:

“It’s pale blue in colour, which is cool. Which makes you think that it’s hydrating because blue is the universal colour of HYDRATION, right? But it doesn’t smell like water. It STINKS like herbs? And not in a good way herbal? Medicinal HERBS. Almost dentist office smell. I hate that smell. I hate the dentist. This also feels heavy and a bit greasy on my face. It does hydrate, but UGGGH… the smell…it’s not good…pity. I might pass this on to my dentist because I think she’s the only one who’d like the smell.” 

3. Clarins Hydra-Quench Cream-Mask

Clarins Hydra-Quench Cream-Mask.jpg

Clarins Hydra-Quench Cream-Mask

Tracy thoughts:

“Ok, I thought that last one was heavy, but this? REALLY is heavy. And WOWZA it smells. Better than that La Roche-Posay one that’s for sure. But it smells like walking through a flower garden, YET someone is also chasing me and spritzing perfume at me and interrupting the good sniffs of all the gorgeous flowers around me. GET LOST YA SPRITZER.  Like what is that smell? Dior? Gucci? Prada? But wait…isn’t this supposed to be plant based? Why all the fake perfume? Eh, could be to hide the plant smells…but Clarins DUDES…I say embrace the plant if that’s what you really are. FEEL THE PLANT. BE THE PLANT. Also, this broke me out the next day. AND ON MY NECK TOO. That’s just not cool Clarins. Neck zits are like WHY and get an automatic SKINCARE BANISHMENT. WHY WHYYYYYYY…I thought we were friends Clarins? NOPE, not this stuff at least.  It’s way too rich for my skin. But, this mask is probably meant for REALLY dry skins and would work well for that skin type. Will have to find a dry skin friend that would appreciate it and pass it to them. “

#4. Avene Soothing Moisture Mask- THE WINNER HANDS DOWN

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask.jpg

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask

Tracy thoughts:

Hey!! No smell! That’s weird, because all of these moisturizing masks have really stunk so far. And most people with sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin can’t tolerate smells, right? YAY!  This is GENIUS. It’s nice! Not too heavy, and feels good going on. It makes my skin soft, smooth and better than before using it. It even reduces the redness in my cheeks! And no break outs. Simple! Yet it WORKS. LOVE. LOVE.

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask is my FAVOURITE of all of these lovely brands. Seriously, none of these brands are bad…but the Avene Soothing Moisture Mask? Is what my sensitive, dehydrated skin truly responds to and loves. Not gonna waste my money on any other so-called moisturizing masks that stink of god knows WHAT. Avene Soothing Moisture Mask is now my go to moisturizing mask and I use it ALL the time. Especially since I’ve been going to the gym and showering every day. I use this pretty much after every shower and my face is happy!

What’s your favourite moisturizing mask? 

*some of these products were sent by PR to test, but PFFFT. You know that doesn’t affect my brain what-so-ever. Honestly, anybody that still sends me stuff you have to give kudos to…it’s like throwing your product in the Tracy Lion Den. ROAAAAAARRRRRRR.  :P

Menopause Mondays|Beat The Heat With Sprayology MenoPower and Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

Yeah that’s right! I’ve started a new thang-Menopause Mondays! Because it’s what I’m dealing with. Because I want to help others who are going through the same stuff. BECAUSE IT’S MY BLOG. So, if you are too young for this-no worries, you don’t have to read this. But, you might want to…for future reference…because ONE DAY….ONE DAY…you too will be wanting relief… I promise :D

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make this a weekly feature, but you know, when I find something that helps? On Mondays I shall post it! You know there’s just not that much HELP out there for the menopause, or as my mother-in-law used to say: CHANGE LIFE. She’s a little ole Ukrainian lady that doesn’t speak English well… :D :D But for some reason we woman don’t like talking about it? Which is WEIRD. And then when it happens to us, there’s nowhere to turn to for help! Which makes me sad…and also frustrated because DANG it. I need help! So, that’s it. I’m going to talk about what I’ve found that’s been helping me out. It’s been and IS a lot of research, time, and experimentation. And hopefully, I can help someone out there going through the same hell. :P

Today we’re gonna talk about hot flashes, because for me? That’s been the WORST about this menopause thing. I haven’t had much trouble with anything else besides sleeplessness(which will be next week’s Menopause Monday instalment, so stay tuned for that, especially if you just have trouble sleeping).

Hot flashes started on and off about 4 years ago for me when I think about it. I used to get them at work. They weren’t bad, and I kind of thought that maybe I was just overheated and overworked, which was entirely possible at the time because I was. I had to move 3 high school labs from an old, falling apart school into another brand new school, BUT ONLY ONE lab for ALL 3 sciences. Set it all up. Organize it. ALL BY MYSELF pretty much. It was the worst experience of my life. But now thinking back on it, the hot flashes I experienced back then are the same as they are now: I’d get an uneasy, weird feeling that something was gonna happen(auras apparently, and not all women get them, but lucky me, hey) and then a sudden hot bubble would start at my chest, move up to my face and then travel down the rest of my body. Apparently your core body temperature can rise 6 degrees during a hot flash, so if you’re a steady 98.6 C, then that’s high fever territory we’re talking. Ever see somebody with a high fever? I have. My brother had one once-about 103C and WOW it’s scary. He was hallucinating and crap…talking crazy talk…I sat beside him all night to make sure he was ok…but some of the stuff he saw and talked about was SCARY.

So yeah, I guess that’s why menopausal women get a bad rap? People think we are nuts? And ready to bite your throat out?  I get it. But you would understand if all of sudden your core temperature was jostling all day into the NEED HOSPITALIZATION territory. ‘SCUZE US FOR BEING SHORT-TEMPERED….  :P

And it can be oh so brutal these hot flashes I tell ya. Somedays, I’ll have them every 30 minutes. Some days, every hour. Or every couple of hours–you get the gist. I’ve discovered there are things I do and eat that can trigger hot flashes. Like coffee. About 15 minutes after my morning cuppa, HOT FLASH. So, caffeine is a trigger for me. And wine? My beloved wine is a trigger also. SIGH. NO FUN FOR TRACY NOW. Although, I still drink wine and just deal hahahaha…you can’t expect me to give THAT up… :P  And night time and sleeping are the worst. I haven’t slept through the night without waking up because of a hot flash in a few months now. Although, it’s not like it was years ago. I used to get really bad night sweats, and wake up soaking wet. I’d have to change my jammies people! It was awful. Now, I just get hot and a bit sweaty thank goodness.

I’ve talked to my doctor, and both of us decided that in my situation, it’s just best to ride it out. Well, medically at least. Having Multiple Sclerosis and taking more drugs ain’t a great option for me. And to be honest with you all-I have a problem with taking drugs. Any kind of drugs. It’s a real mental block. You see, my family(brothers)  had a bad addiction/drug problem. My brothers were REALLY into drugs in the 70s. Two of my brothers have HepC because of that(one of them even has had a liver transplant). And I don’t know, it’s kind of really left an indentation on me…that drugs are bad. And intellectually, I know it’s not really true…but my brain…won’t let me accept that truth most days. So, I’m really awful when I get prescribed a drug of some kind…I usually don’t take it. Even my MS daily needle drug I don’t take daily like I’m supposed too. It’s horrible, and something that I know I need to deal with at some point. Especially since I’m getting older and more drugs are probably on the horizon. But that fear, hasn’t stopped me from seeking other ALTERNATIVE measures to ease the heat. I’m kinda’ more open to the whole alternative route when it comes to dealing with my menopause symptoms. There’s a lot of evidence that certain herbs really do help, and I guess that’s why it ok with me. You can’t get addicted to herbs, can you? Please tell me no! On second thought…don’t. It’s best I DON’T know hahahaha.

PHEW. That was one ass-long explanation to get to my point, hey? HAHAHA congrats if you’ve gotten this far! The whole point of this ramble, is that I think I’ve found something-well two things that are helping me deal with hot flashes!!

Sprayology MenoPower Hot flashes.jpg

Sprayology MenoPower, LUSH Silky Underwear Dusting Powder for Hot Flashes


1. Sprayology MenoPower

Ingredients: Arnica montana 200C, Glonoinum 200C, Lachesis 200C, Oophorinum 30C, Salvia 1X, Sanguinaria 200C, Sepia 200C.
Inactive Ingredients: Glycerin 10% v/v, Organic Alcohol 9% v/v, Purified Water.

Sprayology MenoPower has been such a SURPRISE for me. I apparently bought this off Hautelook a few years ago and stashed it away for future use. LIKE HELLO?? WOW PAST ME…I’m impressed! Yeah, except I forgot about it! But I was cleaning out my stuff(there’s a lot of stuff around here) when I found 2 bottles of Sprayology MenoPower and started using it and WOWZA. IT WORKS. Sprayology MenoPower temporarily relieves symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances including: emotional fluctuations, hot flashes and night sweats, irritability, vaginal dryness. Honestly I could care less about the other symptoms, as I like being irritable.  DON’T MESS WITH THE SNARK. But it’s really helped me out in reducing the frequency and intensity of hot flashes that’s for sure. I take 2 sprays under the tongue 3 times per day, and so far that’s been pretty good for me. It is safe to take as needed for symptoms up to a total of 2 sprays 6 times per day if things get REALLY HOT. Haven’t had to go there, but it’s nice to know that if need be I can. I need to get another one to carry in my purse for emergencies when I’m out and about. Seriously, if you have a mom going through the same thing-get Sprayology MenoPower for them. You’ll be their favourite kid for sure. :P

2. LUSH Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

I picked up Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder in Pasadena last trip to California. I’ve told you all how I just can’t use a lot of body butters and lotions on my body after taking a shower. Most of the time, I have a hot flash after showering(although since discovering Sprayology Menopower not so much anymore) and slathering body lotions on my parts is just NOT appealing. So I was kinda’ desperate to find something that would help me feel smooth and soft, yet not feel greasy and HOT. Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder has grated cocoa butter in it! It’s kinda’ weird actually-it’s pretty lumpy for a dusting powder LOL! But those little morsels melt onto the skin to moisturize, while the absorbent powders make sure your body doesn’t feel greasy. It’s genius. I use it on my upper body after I shower, and it’s never aggravated me or my sensitive skin, or caused a hot flash. LOVE it. Need to get a full size soon! Although, this mini has lasted me all January and is still going strong.

Sprayology has really intrigued me since I’ve found that Menopower works for me. They have all sorts of sprays for various problems, like even an allergy one which I think I will order for Terry because he really suffers in the spring with allergies. Poor guy, and I know when it starts to happen because he rubs his eyes a lot, like a tired little kid hahaha! And they have stress-relieving sprays too, which I’m thinking Marky would benefit from!

Have you ever tried any alternative medicines for problems? Have they worked? 

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance-#BlushBallz

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance($68) was like a MUST find for me on my trip to California. Yeah, I was there to help Marky get ready for 2nd semester at college, but my other mission was to FIND THE #BLUSHBALLZ. See, here in Canada these LE makeup things are REALLY HARD to come by. Counters get like 5? And that’s being generous in estimating. It’s probably more like 3. So if you aren’t there when they put the new LE products out for all to see, you are S.O.L. my friend.

So, here’s my hunt for the #blushballz story, because who else would appreciate it? LOVE YOU ALL!! There’s me and my awesome hubby Terry, walking around Topenga Canyon Mall. In Nordstorm’s. Circling around the Guerlain counter…and I SEE the Les Tendres Spring 2015 Collection…just half put together. I almost walked away, when I think the Beauty Manager noticed me circling…and asked if I needed help. I said I was interested in the Guerlain Spring Collection and I swear to god, the woman SNAPPED HER FINGERS and the two SAs who were fooling around with the Baby Glow on the other side of the counter(which, honestly I totally understand WHY now) JUMPED 10 feet and practically RAN to help me HAHAHAHAHA. It was pretty awesome! And the ladies were so so nice, and let me even help put the display together. It was fun!

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance.jpg

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance

Anyhooooo…of course the Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance was the first MINE of my haul. I mean, how could I say no to #BlushBallz?

The packaging is cute as HECK with the naked little angels on it, but it’s just cardboard. And yeah, a lot of people HATE that-I don’t give two-hoots to be honest.


Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance.jpg

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance


The #BlushBallz, were tiny-smaller than expected-and when I opened it up, I kinda’ thought-that’s it? But apparently there’s quite a bit of blush when you start looking at weight and all that crap…which is something that Tracy doesn’t really care about. PFFFFFTTTTTT. I’m just not that LOONEY. Sorry. For me, it’s about the beauty, the colour, the texture…I’d pay whatever $$$ for a blush that I loved. And this one?? Once you swatch it, it’s LOVE.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance.jpg

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance


See it? It’s like the perfect flush. The perfect colour-it’s pretty much the shade my cheeks turn when I flush naturally. There’s some sparkle as you can see in the swatch, but I don’t really see that on my cheeks. But it’s a deceptive little blush! If you are pale like I am (at the moment I am NC15 in MAC makeup talk) be careful! One too many passes and you’ll look feverish, since it is that perfect flush.

You all saw Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance on my cheeks in yesterday’s post, but here’s another shot from front on so you can see the blush in another angle and from a bit further away.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance.jpg

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance, and my hat is from Target. Makes me feel like the Charlie fragrance model in the 70s… :P


It’s my favourite blush right now. It’s so seamless on the skin-I can’t tell where it starts or ends…and again, which is why it’s the prefect flush. It looks so natural on.

Is it worth it? Well, if you are a blush fiend, YES. If you love Guerlian, YES.  Am I crazy to pay $68 for a blush? Probably. But I don’t care. They are MINE, all MINE…..  :P

And oh-some bloggers have complained that their brush gets ballz all stuck in the bristles and end up falling on the counter? DON’T JAM YOUR BRUSH IN THE BALLZ YA’ MAROON. Wow, I’m gonna get in trouble for THAT one, hey?  Such a naughty, naughty beauty blogger I am… But seriously, C’MON….that’s something that’s an issue for you? WTH DUDE. Easy up on that blush hand…GENTLE BLUSHING LADY…GENTLE… :P

Ever be on the hunt for a beauty product that you really wanted? What was it like? Did you end up getting it? 

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up

Remember my Guerlain Spring 2015 Haul in California? God I miss California.

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up.jpg

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up

A lot of people asked for a review for the GUERLAIN Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up, so here it is! In a timely fashion as well! *pats self on back*

Of course, I didn’t take a picture of the tube(LAZY BLOGGER), but use your imagination from that collective haul pic up there and picture a tube with an airless pump. GUERLAIN Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up($58 here in Canada, which you know? Is CHEAPER than what I payed in California. I think it cost me $62 WTF) comes in 3 shades, and I got the #2 Light shade, which is the lightest. For reference at the moment I am NC15 in MAC makeup talk. And I like how they used SHEER MAKEUP in the name. Snarky Tracy Warning: We, Guerlain,  don’t want you to think this is just another BB Cream! Or a Tinted Moisturizer! Say, when did Tinted Moisturizer become so taboo? Because honestly, that’s what this is. A really NICE one though!

GUERLAIN Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up Swatchy Time!

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up.jpg

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up


GUERLAIN Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up is supposed to be Guerlain’s signature Meteorites glow in a foundation. Just like the Guerlain Ballz, it captures and diffuses light, evens out the complexion and acts as a luminous veil on the skin. It’s hydrating, and erases signs of fatigue, and leaves your skin refreshed, invigorated, plump and radiant. YES? That’s what we wants! I don’t notice any real “sparkles” like in the Meteorites, but there’s a definite GLOW to the stuff when you look in the sun.

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up.jpg

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up

It has a lovely texture, and feels great when you apply. GUERLAIN Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up feels like velvet, really soft, and leaves a matte, yet glowy finish on the face. It settles a little bit into my pores around my nose, but that seems to even out after a bit of wear. It really does even out skin tone nicely as you can see, taking care of most of my redness. And it blurs any imperfections too, which as an aging beauty blogger I do appreciate!

GUERLAIN Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up.jpg

GUERLAIN Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up


I like Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up. I can’t stand heavy foundations anymore, and this just fits my lifestyle perfectly. It lasts about 6-8 hours on my skin by itself. I love using it as a base for a powder foundation, like MAC StudioFix or MUFE Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation in #117, which is probably my most favourite powder foundation ever. Just a light dusting with one of those and Bazinga! Flawless skin is mine! What I love most believe it or not about Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up is that it’s matte. With hot flashes and menopause all over me, matte makeup has become my new BFF. Glowy foundations and BB Creams just SLIDE right off when the heat hits. A lot of these new matte products actually work well on drier skin too! My skin is more combo lately, so something like this is exactly what I need. All the dewy, moisturizing makeup I’ve needed before has been tucked away, for when the madness of menopause ends. Hopefully soon. PLEASE. Pray for me LOL. Although, I think I’ve finally found something that helps! Stay tuned for that!

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make Up is permanent to the line-up so no hurry to get it! In fact, I say save up some of those Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points and get one if you can. It’s really nice!

Ahhh, Guerlain! So expensive, but SO nice… although you know their eyeshadows are just something that I don’t really care for all that much. They’re ok, just not something I’d pay for. Any that I have, I’ve gotten for free with Optimum points. I have one palette that I adore, but any of the others are just-ok. Although, most eyeshadows at the moment would take a lot for me to pay for LOL. At the moment I’m more about skin! And skincare! And blush. ALWAYS BLUSH.  It’s so funny how our makeup tastes change over the years. I use so very little eyeshadows at the moment, but 10 years ago? Was a different story for sure!

Have your makeup tastes changed as you’ve aged as well?

A Couple of Things You Gotta Look At Getting Before They’re Gone

Hey! Look! I’m back so soon haha! I know, it’s like a Tracy Blogging miracle! But seriously, this is just a PSA kinda’ post from me, about things I truly LOVE and use right now. Hey-I’d never tell you about stuff I don’t like. Or use. ‘Cause that’s not ME, cross my menopausal chubby heart. :P These are things that I think are important for those of you living in Canada to take a look at before they disappear…:D because they are truly great! And hey-if you live elsewhere in this wonderful world of ours and happenstance upon these lovely products? Give ‘em a try! I think you will like them as much as I do!

First off this duo from Bioderma:

 Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème .jpg

Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème

If you frequent Shoppers Drug Mart as much as I do, then I KNOW you’ve seen this stuff there. Stop looking and BUY IT. Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème I’m pretty sure I’ve seen sold as a duo over Christmas, and if you are lucky they are still there as a duo to scoop up. If not, even buying them as singles? SO WORTH IT. I shower every day, as I exercise pretty much every day. I try, I try. Just wish the chub would move off the bones! Oh, and the daily hot flashes GALORE that I experience also warrant daily showers. And daily showers are kind of a NO-NO when you have sensitive skin like I gots. These two products make my skin feel good! Normal! Not dry and scaly like they were starting to feel before they entered my shower routine.

Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème soften and protects the skin and reduces any tightness in dry skin. Both products are allergen-free, soap-free, paraben-free. The Gel Douche, or Shower Gel gently cleanses and respects the skin’s PH balance. It really does leave skin soft after showering. It lathers really well too-only two pumps on my bath poof and it’s good! And the Atoderm Crème is perfect to moisturize after showering. It biologically strengthens the skin barrier and thereby curbs the penetration of any irritants. This duo is the best shower experience ever I swear, and my skin feels so good now. Love it! I don’t know about you, but I can’t take heavily fragranced shower products lately-I just can’t. These two products from Bioderma fit the bill right now. The gentle ocean fragrance is perfection.

You all know my love for Avène and the Avène Thermal Water. Right now, there’s a special offer you need to check out! I bet that itchy horsie would approve! :P

Avene Thermal Water..jpg

Avene Thermal Water.

You get a Limited Edition 50ml Avène Thermal Water Spray for FREE with the purchase of the 300ml version! It’s a great travel version to take with you, or throw in your gym bag. There’s special art work on these too-this year, the 2015 version is called The Mirror and it’s the second “collector” of a series of six that Avène will be offering until 2019.

 photo IMG_6176.jpg

Last year’s LE from 2014 on the left and this year’s 2015 LE The MIRROR on the right

Scoop this sweet deal up S’il vous plait! I use the Avène Thermal water all the time now. After I cleanse my face before any serums, after showering it soothes my face, in the AM to refresh my curls, to cool my face after a hot flash OH YEAH- I can’t be without this stuff now as you can tell. Check out the cool display unit Avène sent me to house the pretties! You can’t get this anywhere unfortunately, but I thought I’d show you my new love. It’s cool, right? Like my own, personal little Avène Thermal Water Museum hahaha!

Avène Thermal Water.jpg

Avène Thermal Water

Ok, I’m done haha! But yes, both of these products are pretty amazing I swear!

Guess what? I actually went to a real gym today! A new recreational centre opened up by our house in early December, and we finally got a chance to check it out. It’s NICE. It even has an indoor track to walk or run on! And all the machines! I love it! Me and the hubby went to work out together this afternoon-it was fun. We haven’t worked out together in years! I mean, we walk together in the summer all the time, but actual weights and stuff-we haven’t done that stuff since before Marky was born. Hopefully we keep it up and get healthy soon! Tomorrow I’m gonna check out the Zumba GOLD class for older adults haha-I’m a bit scared to take the regular class with all the young people! Gotta test out the easy Zumba Waters first!

Have you done something with your significant other recently that was fun? Or haven’t done in years? Do share! It’s been kind of fun hanging out together as a couple now that Marky is away at college. Like old times…almost…:P


The Make Up For Ever Artist Liner and Two Eye Makeup Looks I’ve Been Loving Lately

I”ve been an extremely lazy beauty blogger when it comes to eye makeup lately. There are multiple reasons why, but honestly? It’s just that I don’t really want to bother blending and blending and blending eyeshadows all the morning long.

It’s awards season in Hollywood, so all the stops come out for makeup looks at this time of year. But this is one that caught my eye:


Credit: Jeff Vespa/

Emma Stone has hooded eyes, just like me, so when I saw this winged eyeshadow look, I loved it! I love a cat-eye as much as the next beauty junkie, but when you have hooded eyes, or more like hooded eyes that are uneven like mine? It’s REALLY difficult to do every day. But this eyeshadow look is genius for us hooded eye gals! It still gives that lift to the eye that we need, but it’s so much easier to do than faffing around with liquid liner.

 photo EyeshadowwingsPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

Ever since that Sunday, when I do wear eyeshadows now(which is rarely btw), this is how I’ve been doing it! It’s so much easier I tell you. Not a lot of blending since it quite a graphic look, and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me haha! This is FAST. All you do is sketch it out with your eyeshadow and fill it in. Simple. And as you can see it works for daytime looks as well as that night time look Emma is wearing. Just add some eyeliner to your waterline and darker, smokier eyeshadows for some drama and BOOM. You are done! And if you love and use eyeshadow pencils? Then doing this look is even easier my friends. Try it! And I see the Pixiwoo girls on Youtube have also done a look based off of this, although I think my way is a bit easier LOL. They still do a lot of blending, blending, blending…:P talk about making something harder than it really needs to be…which is why I kinda’ avoid YT lately, unless it’s Lisa Eldridge. :D

The new(well, not so new-like a couple months new now LOL) MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner is a twist up, gliding eye pencil that I like to use for my other favourite eye look. Well, probably my MOST favourite and worn eye look!

 MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner.jpg


The MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liners are available in 15 highly pigmented shades and 5 different finishes Matte, Metallic, Iridescent, Diamond, and Satin finishes. And no need for a sharpener as these are twisty-ups!
Swatchy Time!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner .jpg

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner Matte Black M-10 and Iridescent Green Tree I-34

So creamy and really blendable! And that’s what I look for in an eyeliner lately as I am getting older and older! The less tugging at my eyes, the better. I take these MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liners and apply them to my bottom and top lash lines and smudge, smudge, smudge baby.  BAZINGA! Eye look done.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner .jpg

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner Iridescent Green Tree I-34

This simple eyeliner look is exactly what I need to give my eyes some definition behind my new, big glasses. That’s why it’s my favourite all time eye look lately. That, and it stays PUT, even through hot flashes. I’m telling ya, if a really blazing inferno of a hot flash happens, makeup MOOOOOOVES. These MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liners don’t! Love ‘em.

Have you tried a new makeup look recently? Do you have a favourite, easy eye makeup look? What is it?

My California Trip and Stuff and Such

HEY!!! HOW YOU DOIN’?? I know, I used that line on you last week, right? I really am Sorry, but I’ve just been living life and haven’t had time to bloggy blog! I’m back from California now, and so I thought I’d share a few snippets of my trip to get my toes all dipped back in the blogging waters…:D I have like TONS of skincare to share with you over the next while…and menopausal HELP too… but for now, let’s have some FUN. I like FUN. What’s life without fun, right?

Ok so Disneyland first, because you know…it’s my second home HA.

 photo IMG_2728.jpg

The biggest macaron I’ve ever eaten is this Mickey Salted Caramel Macaron from the Jolly Holiday Bakery(Yep-like from Mary Poppins-the decor is ADORBS-penguins and stuffs). We shared this of course, because it was the size of Marky’s head. Could have been a bit crispier on the cookie part though, but it was YUMMMmmmmm….

 photo IMG_2729.jpg

I can’t tell you how much I love that Marvel is part of the Disney Universe now, although I know that probably angers a lot of people but PFFFT I DON’T CARE. Makes me happy to see them here and all the art work around now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. And maybe they’ll make some attractions/rides for them! YES. PLEASE.

 photo IMG_2746.jpg

It’s a family tradition to go see Disney’s Haunted Mansion redress into Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. We’ve been going ever since we discovered Disneyland did it, which was by accident actually. Literally. We were supposed to go that summer as usual, but poor Terry tore his Achille’s tendon 2 days before our trip. He was out of town too working when it happened-REGINA of all places. Not the best city to go to the ER late on a Saturday night in Canada lemme tell ya… anyways we had to cancel the trip, disappointing 8 year old Marky who cried for DAYS hahaha. Thankfully, we had booked the trip on Air Canada Aeroplan points, so we rebooked for November that year and WOW. It was one of our best trips to Disneyland ever! It was COLD. Like below zero at night which we loved. Plus, we discovered the whole Nightmare Before Christmas stuffs and Marky fell in love with the movie, with the characters-it was like foreshadow extreme now that Tim Burton is an alumni of hers… :D proud MAMA here or what… :D:D

 photo IMG_2755.jpg

Although this FORZEN THANG??? Has gone a bit too far for my taste. Marky too. I don’t get the popularity of this film at all???? And neither does she, or the rest of her classmates..they all are really confused by the Frozen FANDOM. It’s really not that good of a story…so many flaws…and the animation is not that great…Tangled was SUCH a better story and movie! But you can’t shake a stick in California without hitting something from FROZEN. They’ve even removed my FAVOURITE MUPPETS 3D Show and replaced it with a Frozen Sing-a-long venue…UGGGHHHHHHHH…… and you can apparently build a snowman in another part…they truck REAL snow in from god knows where… like WTH DISNEYLAND. Give Frozen a rest. A lot of us that visit are from Alberta, and hello??? WE ARE WINTER. We come to escape the white stuff. Stop shoving it in our faces, PLEASE.


 photo IMG_2733.jpg

This was the wedge salad at The House Of Blues Anaheim at Downtown Disney. I made the server laugh so hard when he brought it over because I kinda’ screamed: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. Like holy HELL it’s a MEAL, not a salad??? I ate 1/3 of it because LOOK AT IT! Covered in blue cheese and bacon and dressing and it’s HALF OF A LETTUCE HEAD WTF.
NOPE. Not a salad dudes.

 photo IMG_2751.jpg

My makeup I wore most days consisted of these products. That Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation is like OMG so good. It’s kinda’ like the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, but a bit more coverage. SO so good. Get it. I found it at Ulta. Which I kinda’ really dig! Maybe a bit more than Sephora even!

 photo IMG_2740.jpg

I got this Bare Mineral Marvellous Moxie Lipstick in Express Yourself there because LOOK at that colour! And the lipstick holder! I DIE. Spring in a lipstick or what! LOVE.

 photo IMG_2761.jpg

More food. THIS. IS. THE. BEST. ICE CREAM. EVER. Coolhaus started out as a food truck but they now sell their products in stores like Whole Foods across the USA, and DUDES. GET THIS one if you love figs like I do! YUMMM, big chunks of figs…it’s heavenly.

 photo IMG_2777.jpg
I love this stuff. It helps me sleep like nobody’s business. I bring back a couple in my suitcase every time, but seriously….I wish I could bring a CASE. On the hunt for a reasonable melatonin replacement now…menopausal sleeplessness is DIRE people.

 photo IMG_2805.jpg
You know I love me Tom Freakin’ Ford Lipsticks and it was KILLING me not being able to see this Lips And Boys Collection that everyone has been showing. So, when I saw them at the local(like 30 minutes away) Nordstrom’s I tried to get one that was unique and chose Orlando. ORLANDO. Which made me think of THIS of course from GHOST:

Orlando! You like it? It’s Autumn Sunrise-do you like it? LOL LOL I love that part hahaha!

 photo IMG_2845.jpg
Orlando turns cooler on my lips than the swatch, as it has silver glitter in it. Which you can’t feel at all, so YAY. Feels creamy and nice, just like the regular Tom Freakin’ Ford Lipsticks I love…wish I got another! These are mini-sized too which I kinda’ dig. Makes me feel like I can actually finish this lipstick for once!

 photo IMG_2770.jpg

I managed to check out the Guerlain Spring Collection! First one actually, as they put it out for me-in fact, I helped them set it up LOL. This is what I ended up buying-BLUSH BALLZ. I had to. You know I had to. Review coming soon!

 photo IMG_2912.jpg

And then it was time to say goodbye to my lovely redhead for a few months. :( It was so nice to have her around for a few weeks…she’s so GROWN-UP now! Different. Yet the same, if that makes sense?? Almost adult! Almost…when she finally remembers to wash towels I’ll say FULL ADULT hahaha…. Miss her lots… Those are some caricatures of her classmates she drew.
 photo IMG_2913.jpg

And here’s a drawing from her figure drawing class where they get live models and draw  6 hours on Fridays…intense or what? She loves it and the teacher loves her, as she really can make people into cartoon characters!

She’s going to be extremely busy this semester as she has to make her own, all by herself, 90 second cartoon! She’s scared, but I know she can do it! So extremely proud of my kid, in case you can’t tell.. :P

Ok, I think I’m good! Blogging mojo back haha! I have so much skincare to show you guys…like it’s gonna be :O LOTS…but I should warn you that the majority of my blogging will be about skincare in the future since I AM getting older…48 this Sunday folks holy GEEZE. I honestly thought I was going to be dead at 42 when I was little…swear to god… so every year after 42 is a gift, right? RIGHT. We’ll go with that. :P Even though my eyebrows are turning white…WHITE. EYEBROWS. YOU GUYZ.

*All of this was bought by me, ate by me, drank by me-except for that ridiculous FROZEN Listerine crap. NOPE.

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